Tour Guides

Tour Guides are an essential part of Belize’s tourism industry. They undergo rigorous trainings and examinations, for certification through the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) licenses.  Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about starting your career as a tour guide and to find out when the next training will take place.


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Browse our list of all tour guides registered and certified through the BTB:

Licensed Tour Guide updated August, 2018
Area Name Organization/Employer ADDRESS Phone Email Web
Belize City Forbes, Nathan B.Z.E. Celso Poot 7001 Pelican Street Ext. ,Belize City ,Belize 607-6454 [email protected]
Greenwood Sr., Thomas Unbelizeable Tubing #6218 Buttonwood Bay Blvd ,Belize City ,Belize 660-0495 [email protected]
Bul, Laurencio Lucio Indigenous and Rainforest Tours General Delivery ,Buena Vista Village ,Corozal 626-1911 [email protected]
Lopez Cardinez, Carlos tropical tours 1058 Chancellor Street ,Belize City ,Belize
Seawell, Winston Belize Exclusive 854 Shrimp Drive ,Ladyville ,Belize 610-3556 [email protected]
Cherrington, Mark Splash Wave Tours 4495 Zacaranda Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Tillett, Lascelle Henry Self-employed 69 West Collet Canal ,Belize City ,Belize 610-3358 [email protected]
Williams Sr., Emmanuel Belize Caribbean Tours 267 Maxboro ,Sandhill Village ,Belize [email protected]
Cunningham, David Freelance Unitedville Village ,Cayo ,Belize 652-4895 [email protected]
Allen, Edward Daniel Freelance 6413 Fern Lane ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Garcia, Narciso Tourism Auto Transport 139 Rhamdas St. ,Belize City ,Belize 604-1105 [email protected]
Avila, Mary M. Slick Rock Adventures 6233 E St Buttonwood Bay ,Belize City ,Belize 223-4129 [email protected]
Caribbean Shores Belize City Belize" 203-1011 [email protected]
Cabral, Winston Theodore Turneffe Flats 48 Waight St. ,Belize City ,Belize 668-5079
Jones, Randy Roger Freelance General Delivery ,Carmelita Village ,Orange Walk 6109395 [email protected]
P.O. Box 2516 Sandhill Village Belize" 660-9073
McField, Kurt Mark Freelance 5507 8th St. ,Belize City ,Belize 223-2130 [email protected]
Robateau, Roy Egbert Freelance #41A York Street ,Belize City ,Belize 607-8925 [email protected]
Ladyville Belize" 615-7788 [email protected]
Belize City Belize" 223-1570 [email protected]
Arnold, Richard Andrew Belize X-Stream 7248 Reggae Street ,Belize City ,Belize 629-0152 [email protected]
Evans, Emile Ernest Freelance 5844 Bachelor Ave. ,Belize City ,Belize 223-0101 [email protected]
Vellos Sr., Onofre Discovery Expedition 204 Maurice Bishop St. Belize City ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Varela, Valdemar Turneffe Island Resort 8511 Jane Usher Blvd. ,Belize City ,Belize 663-0036 [email protected]
Waight, Sean Michele Sel-Employed Corner Alfredo Zaiden and Bishop Desmond Street ,Cayo ,Belize 600-2435 [email protected]
Herrera, Edward Peter Freelance 6639 Sunflower St. ,Belize City ,Belize 222-4802 [email protected]
Belize City Belize" 628-1413 [email protected]
Cardenes, Ismael Freelance 27 West Street ,Punta Gorda ,Belize 227-3672
Garbutt, Michael Caribbean Adventures 30 Los Lagos ,Ladyville ,Belize 601-7592 [email protected]
Searle, John Watt Sea Sports Belize 17 Princess Margaret Drive ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Tun, Sebastian O. Belize Exclusive General Delivery ,Sand Hill Village ,Belize 225-5013
Dyer Sr., Wilford Burton Turneffe Flats #22 Nargosta St. ,Belize ,belize
Bennett Jr., Daniel Turneffe Flats Poison Wood Street, Hill View Area ,Cayo ,Belize 604-0723
Marchand, Yalmar Ivar Coral Breeze Adventure Tours 8 Lantana St. Belama Ph II ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Searle, Micheal G. Seasports Moho Caye ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Young, Earl R. Self Employed 17 York Street ,Belize City , [email protected]
Crawford, Robert Freelance General Delivery ,Crooked Tree Village ,Belize 669-2002
Martinez, Jacob "Jake" Freelance Moskitoville ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 621-5918 [email protected]
Perez, Dennis Anthony Challenge Travel & Tours #52 Old Well Rd. ,Lady Ville Belize , 605-6823 [email protected]
Briceño, Lucio H2O Tierra 15 Faber's Road Ext. ,Belize City ,Belize 621-3383
Williams Jr., Emmanuel Belize caribbean Tours #195 Belama Phase 1 ,Belize City ,Belize District 660-4393 [email protected]
Khan, Leon H. Splash wave 48 Ceasar Ridge Road ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected] [email protected]
Reneau, Adrian Vaughn BHelize Sensational Tours 13 Miles George Price Highway ,Belize City ,Belize 620-4555 [email protected]
Young, Alvin Thompson's Tours General Delivery ,Sandhill Village ,Belize 225-5069
Busch, Kirk Feddel Belize Rays Limited #62 JR St, Jane Usher Blvd. ,Belize City ,Belize 635-5285
Munoz, Armando Jose Exotic 37 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway ,Belize City ,Belize
Young Jr., Randolph Edward Freelance [email protected] [email protected]
Eiley, James Oliver Searious Adventures 4416 Zacaranda Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Gorrosica, Pablo Daniel Huracan Diving 21 Perez Road ,Ladyville ,Belize 650-8113 [email protected],com
Uribio, Manuel Caribbean Breeze Tours Crocodile Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 604-5568 [email protected]
Neal, Thevis Shaun Belize Rays Ltd 70 Baymen Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize 605-9135 [email protected]
Cocom Jr., Isidro George V.I.V Tours #1530 Unity Zone ,Stann Creek ,Orange Walk 626-5674 [email protected]
Cattouse, Veronica BCSTA #136 Alejo Beni Street ,Belize City ,Belize 203-5972 [email protected]
Belize City Belize" 205-9175
Modha, Pravin Nanalal Self employed #4 13th St. King's Park ,Belize City ,Belize 625-0032 [email protected]
Pinkard, Lizette Bacab Eco Park #23 Freshpond ,Burrell Boom Village ,Belize [email protected]
Hoare, Clifford Belize Caribbean Tours 14.75 Miles George Price Highway ,Hattieville Village ,Belize 623-0283 [email protected]
Elliott, Phillip A. Belize Caribbean Tours #356 Mateo Ayuso Street ,Belize City ,Belize 223-0824 [email protected]
Card, Thomas Anthony Belize Impressive TourCo. Ltd #7613 Rio Bravo Crescent ,Belize City ,Belize 615-2754 [email protected] [email protected]
Young, Lloyd Lawrence Belize impressive 6909 Ring Road ,Belize City ,Belize 202-4026 [email protected]
Sutherland, Frederick Belize Exclusive 8301 Raleigh Street, Lake Independence ,Belize City ,Belize 636-2020 [email protected]
Bowen, Dale Eugene Belize Exclusive 7079 Racoon Street Ext. ,Belize City ,Belize
Usher, Leonard Belize Impressive Tours #3 Fabers Road ,Belize City ,Belize 207-4449
Vanzie, Rupert Oliver Belize Impressive 4389 Custard Apple Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Budd, Wilbert Belize Exclusive 82 Amara Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Montero, Margaret Belize Exclusive Tours #86 Bouganvilla Street ,Ladyville ,Belize 650-8270 [email protected]
Garbutt, Glenstine Belize Impressive Tours General Delivery ,Burrell Boom Village ,Belize [email protected]
Chan, David Wilson Belize Boutique Resort & spa Maskall Village ,Maskall Village ,Belize 205-5597 [email protected]
Torres, Ediberto Carlos Freelance 3901 Falmboyant Street ,Belize City ,Belize 650-6456 [email protected]
Arana, Ann Marie Cruise Solutions Ltd. Lucky Strike Village ,Belize ,Belize
Alamilla, Rafael Freelance Lind's Cocal ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Flowers, Elisa Sarai Jaguar Paw Corner 15 Bullet Tree Road and Maya Street ,Cayo , [email protected]
Guerra, Gustavo G. Chukka 31 Krooman Road Fabers Extention ,Belize City ,Belize 650-2078 [email protected]
Gordon-McNab, Maud CHUKKA 5 Mahogany Street Ext. ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Betancourt, Suzette H2O Tierra 3050 north creek road ,Belize City ,Belize 600-1952 [email protected]
Douglas, Melanie Diane The Calypso Train Tours 13 Zericote Street ,Belize City ,Belize 626-8765 [email protected]
Bowen, Stephanie Belize Caribbean Tours Gladden Street Extension ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Searle, Linda Ann Sea Sports Belize 17 Princess Margaret Drive ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Westby Jr., Arthur Aldrick Captain Jak's Placencia Village ,Stann Creek ,Stann Creek 604-5564 [email protected]
Cattouse, Alrick Belize Impressive Tours #136 Alejo Beni Street ,Belize City ,Belize 604-6175 [email protected]
Watters, Dale Alden Belize Impressive Tours #23 Wagner's Lane ,Belize City ,Belize 207-0661 [email protected]
Sandhill VIllage Belize" 605-7190 [email protected]
Vellos Jr., Onofre Raineldo Freelance 3110 Albert Hoy ,Belize City , [email protected]
Williams, Joyce Ecological Tours #87 Vernon Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Wilson, Anthony Joseph Calypso Train #2 Thurton Lane ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Williams, Edmond Chukka #6668 Cor. Police & Western Ave. ,Belize City ,Belize 604-0386 [email protected]
Bradley, Marisol Chukka 274 Fresh Pond ,Burrel Boom Village ,Belize 223-4438 [email protected]
Caliz, Vincent Leo Belize caribbean Tours 16 1/4 Miles Western Highway ,Hattieville Village ,Belize 605-3759 [email protected]
Belize City Belize" 664-1959
Rowland, Stephen Belize Caribbean Tours 444 Jesus Ken Street ,Belize City ,Belize 203-0101 [email protected]
Eusey, Griffith Belize Caribbean Tours 36 Vernon Leslie Crecent ,Belize City ,Belize 601-8521 [email protected]
Davis, Aniffiea CHUKKA 15 Farmer Site ,Hattieville Village ,Belize [email protected]
Young, Amalia Sarita CHUKKA #20 ebony street, Belize ,Belize City ,Belize 207-1991 [email protected]
Young, Dezerie Lavarn Chukka 36 Eleanor Usher St. ,Belize City ,Belize
Belize City Belize"
Solis, Elvis Colin Itza Lodge 2779 Lord Rhaburn Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Suazo, Emmanuel Cruise ship Taxi association #11 Coffin Street ,Belize City ,Belize 601-7537 [email protected]
James, Allison E Exotic Shore Excortions 18 Princess Diana Street ,Orange Walk ,Belize [email protected]
Budd, Sharon Andrea Chukka #50 New Suite ,Sandhill Village ,Belize 6205846
Cleland, Bruce Anthony Chukka #1132 Apple Star Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Thompson, Yvette Chukka #6425 Jasmine Street ,Belize City ,Belize 607-8724
Torres, Joel Jose Self Emplpoyed #3970 Nutmeg Street ,Belize City ,Belize 222-4251 [email protected]
Perez, Javier Sabas Michael Reymolds #90 Fly Fish Street ,Orange Walk ,Orange Walk 623-4025 [email protected]
Montero, Gareth Elias Splash Wave 25 Krooman Road ,Belize City ,Belize 605-8099 [email protected]
Vernon, Paula Ann Chukka 65 Amara Avenue #5 ,Belize City ,Belize
Tun, Alfredo Cave Tubers Excursions General Delivery ,Freetown Sibun Village ,Belize 670-3734 [email protected]
Tucker, Mark Anthony Police Department 79 Dove St. ,Belize City ,Belize 630-2275 [email protected]
Brown, Clarence Challenge, travel & tour & Explore Belize 4 1/2 Miles Western Highway ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Brakeman, Samuel Chukka General Delivery ,Gracie Rock Village ,Belize [email protected]
Reyes, Giovani Olini Belize Pro Dive Center Limited Eiley Sub-Division ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 626-9191 [email protected]
Perez, Aldo Omar Coco Plum island Resort San Jose Palmer ,Orange Walk ,Belize District 666-5139 [email protected] [email protected]
Hill, Marla Simone CHUKKA (Backabush Adventure ToursLtd) #17 Bishop Street ,Belize City , 607-4865 [email protected]
Jacobs, Tiffara Ecological Tours 2C Antelope Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Leslie, Sherman Belize Exclusive Tours #3289 Lock's Alley ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Ferguson, Floyd Allen Chukka Hattie Ville 17 Miles Foster Drive ,Hattieville Village ,Belize
Medina, Luis Mario Freelance #60 Douglas Jones Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Hattieville Village Belize " 628-7386 [email protected]
Jones, George Alton Freelance #12 Euphrates Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize 653-9976 [email protected]
Vairez, Keith Ernesto Cave 6372 Jasmine Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Woodye, Christa Katrina H2O Tierra #39 Ross Pen Road ,Belize City ,Belize 223-4874 [email protected]
Quan, Cynthia M. Freelance 259 Stork Street ,Ladyville ,Belize [email protected]
Duran, Gregorio Belize Caribbean Tours 16 Albert Hoy ,Belize City ,Belize 207-4264
Leslie Jr., Ernest R. Ramon's Village Resort DFC Division ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2071 [email protected]
Alvarez, Albert A Plus Adventures Belize 91 Cerros Lane, Lord's Bank ,Ladyville ,Belize 602-9974 [email protected]
Mahagony ext. Belize City Belize" 602-7332 [email protected]
Coleman , Wallace Belize impressive Tours 7177 Queen Charlotte Street ,Belize City ,Belize 620-7250 [email protected]
Arias, Jose Lino Exotic Shore Excursion 3247 Courtney Crescent ,Belize , 661-6271 [email protected]
Mortis, Bernard Nelson Ecological Tours & Services 29 Amara Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize 627-9624 [email protected]
Williams, Jewel EF Education First 89 Vernon Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Dawson, Allen Lynford Calypso Train Tours #395 Lord's Bank Rd ,Belize District ,Belize 601-9890 [email protected]
Elliott, Godfrey James BCTTA Whislting Duck Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize
Belize City Belize" 627-6921 [email protected]
Humes, Wayne Freelance #43 Ebony Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Williams, Marvyn L. Belize Impressive Tours 89 Neal's Pen Road ,Belize City ,Belize 600-3847 [email protected]
Vanzie, Robert Freelance 7684 Jauguar Ave ,Belize City ,Belize 667-0813
Lamb, Kenmore J. Belize Exclusive 20B Neal Pen Road ,Belize City ,Belize 661-7125 [email protected]
Casimiro, Denise Calypso Train 53 Bainsville Area ,Belize City ,Belize 628-0669 [email protected]
Felix, Mark Edward Ecological Tours 628-2539 [email protected]
Belize City Belize" 607-4326 [email protected]
Suazo, Victor Belize Impressive 11 Coffin Street ,Belize City ,Belize 600-4473 [email protected]
Aranda, Justo Richard Exotic Tours 68 Cumberbatch Street ,Belize City ,Belize 602-6010
Lino, Bernard Exotic Shore Adventure #173 George Street ,Ladyville ,Belize 664-7181 [email protected]
Erskine, Deciderio Belize Fun Tours #10 Marage Road ,Ladyville ,Belize 663-1560
Davis, Melvin Elbert Bileezhan Flayvaz 3741 Helen Middleton Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
8 Miles George Price Highway Mile 8 Belize City" 632-6531 [email protected]
Douglas, Tiffany Nicole Calypso 25 Krooman Road ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Boston Village Belize " 205-5672 [email protected]
Forman, Victoria Seasports belize 680 Lavender Street ,Belize City ,Belize 604-0687 [email protected]
Garbutt, Patrick Allan BCSTA 8 Mls George Price Highway ,Belize City ,Belize 668-1010 [email protected]
Danderson, Rosalind Self-employed 194 Belizean American Site ,Hattieville ,Belize 601-8905 [email protected]
Castillo, Fevalius B Tourism Auto Transport 139 Rhamdas St. Belama ,Belize City ,Belize 666-0919
Ladyville Belize" 669-2686 [email protected]
Cocom Jr., Efrain Exotic Eco Adventure 7774 Madam Liz Ave. ,Belize City ,Belize 623-3046 [email protected]
Black, Allister Tuff-E-Nuff Tours 67 Fresh Pond ,Burrell Boom Village ,Belize
Vasquez, Johnny M Chukka #697 Mangrove Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Harris, Gregory Linden Big John Tours 2909 Fabers Road ,Belize City ,Belize
Queme, Daniel Alfonso Western Caribbean Live Aboard #7 Krooman Road ,Belize City ,Belize 631-0055 [email protected]
Perez, Byron 6471 Poinsetta Lane ,Belize City ,Belize 667-8624 [email protected]
Staine, Melonie Tricia Belize Fun TOurs 6976 north creek road ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
August, Ernest Kenneth A+ Adventure 67 Fabers Road Ext. ,Belize City ,Belize 202-4962
Augustus, Kinsley Belize horse & Carriage 3305 Partridge St. ,Belize City ,Belize 635-9475 [email protected] [email protected]
Longsworth, Albert BZE Tours 4 U 9 Faber's Road ,Belize City ,Belize 207-6518 [email protected]
Haylock, Cynthia Belize Inland Tours #7 Ordonez Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Sanchez, Amilcar Belize Boutique Resort & Spa General Delivery ,Maskall Village ,Belize 205-5614 [email protected]
Rowland, Rosaline Freelance General Delivery ,Sandhill Village ,Belize 627-9142
Carvajal, Carlos Fabio Belize Blue Morpho Tours 184 Los Lagos ,Ladyville ,Belize [email protected]
MacKinnon, Carol CHUKKA 6 Mls. Western Highway ,Belize City ,Belize 600-3304
Lambey, Jenivieve Chukka General Delivery ,Lucky Strike Village ,Belize 610-2430 [email protected]
Gomez, Randy Ray H2O Tierra 8177 Miller Street ,Belize City ,Belize 607-7097 [email protected]
Stanford, Edwin Freelance General Delivery ,Cayo ,Belize 668-9031 [email protected]
Gilharry, Lionel Port Saul Area ,Corozal Town ,Corozal 6106979
Santos, Leonard James Belzie Horse and Carriage Tours 278 Mahogany Heights ,La Democracia Village ,Belize 605-0741 [email protected]
Flowers, Kimberly Exotic General Delivery ,Doublehead Cabbage Village ,Belize 666-1364
Cortez, Jimmy Anthony General Delivery ,Boston Village ,Belize 664-3286
Gordon, Delita Amanda CHUKKA General Delivery ,Gardenia Village ,Belize 615-7778
Cadle, Aubrey Glenford Belize Caribbean Tours 9503 Baldwin Drive ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Grinage, Denise Belize Prize Land Tours General Delivery ,Sandhill Village ,Belize [email protected]
Reyes, Carlos Orlando Ecological Tours & Services 20 Parakeet Street. ,Ladyville ,Belize [email protected]
Lopez, Donisha Cave Tubing.Bz Belama Phase 4 ,Belize City ,Belize 622-0708 [email protected]
Hernandez, Apolonio Ecological Tours and Services 24 Petticoat Alley ,Belize City ,Belize 207-0363 [email protected]
Jones, Delwin Marvin Belize Boutique Resort & Spa General Delivery ,Maskal Village ,Belize [email protected]
Phillips, Dane Mark Ragggamuffin Tours Second Street ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 604-0223 [email protected]
West, Yvette Chukka Tours 41 Ebony Street ,Belize City ,Belize 629-8295 [email protected]
Balan Selgado, Linette J. Denise O'ckey #5 Maskall Street ,Orange Walk ,Belize 650-5591 [email protected]
Jones, Marvin Chukka General Delivery ,Maskall Village ,Belize 225-5525 [email protected]
Baizar, Shane A. Black Howla Ecolution General Delivery ,Bermudian Landing ,Belize [email protected]
Fuller, Karim Anthony Sea Sport Belize 20A Dickenson Street ,Belize City ,Belize 660-5605 [email protected]
Gongora Jr., John Eric Turneffe Flats 15 1/2 Miles Philip Goldson Highway ,Sandhill Village ,Belize 661-6871 [email protected]
Williams, Leonette Chukka 8874 jr. street Jane Usher blvd ,Belize City ,Belize 665-2800
Jones, Anthony Belize Caribbean Tours 3.5 George Price Highway ,Belize City ,Belize 663-0912
Terry, Moses Mabel Duenas Placencia Hotel Lester Richard St. ,Stann Creek District ,mango Creek 607-0380 [email protected]
Brown, David Exotic Tour Adventure 19 Mile Sand Hill Village ,Belize Rural ,Belize 604-8609 [email protected]
Moody, Alrick Daniel Bacab Eco Park General Delivery ,Sandhill Village ,Belize 605-6837
Greenwood Jr., Thomas Unbelizeable Tubing 6218 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard ,Belize City ,Belize 624-8960 [email protected]
Cabral, Emric Exotic Shore Adventures 34 Neal Pen Road ,Belize City ,Belize 624-5897
Rivero, Paul Evan Private Belize adventures 46045 Manatee Drive ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Eagan, Herbert Owen Eco Exotic Adventures #1 San felipe street ,Orange Walk Town ,Belize 6327086 [email protected]
Thompson, Yvonne Chukka #5 Quello's Alley ,Belize City ,Belize 621-0280
Jenkins, Jerrold Belize Horse Carriage Tours 65 Bellavista ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Liu- Jenkins, Shyean Belize Horse Carriage Tours 65 Bellavista ,Belize City ,Belize 602-3048 [email protected]
Cain Jr., Clive Wonders Of the Barrier Reef Tours 13 Police Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Castillo, David A1 Tour Native Belize Services #9 Richard Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected] [email protected]
Longsworth, Irvin Self 8734 Curl Thompson Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
August, Darwin Kenton BILEEZHAN FLAYAZ TOORZ 26.5 Miles Northern Highway ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Lord, Richard Anthony Freelance 36 Neal Pen Road ,Belize City ,Belize
Walters, Donovan Freelance 8712 Kurl Thompson Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Gill, Cecil Gilbert Belize Inland Tours and Transfer #2 Logwood Street ,Belize City ,Belize
Johnson Jr., William Turneffe Island Resort 155 Beltex Crescent Belama Phase 1 ,Belize City ,Belize 615-9767 [email protected]
Golib, Josè R. Self 142 Belama Ext. Phase 1 ,Belize City ,Belize 663-5000 [email protected]
Young, Kent Rupert Belize Tours 4 U General Delivery ,Sandhill Village ,Belize 662-4597 [email protected]
Pollard Jr., Bernard Big John Tours 177 Iguana Street Ext. ,Belize City ,Belize
Mejia, Ryan Delroy Big John's Tours 6358 Jasmine Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Longsworth, Kendis exotic 7721 Rio Bravo Crescent Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Moody, Teresita Marie Belize Exclusive Tours General Delivery ,Sandhill Village ,Belize 663-9247 [email protected]
Usher, Richard Therapy Abroad LLC General Delivery ,Gracie Rock Village ,Belize [email protected]
Sutherland, Egbert Thompson Tours #5406 G Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Smith, Dean Anthony Unbeliezable Tubing/Irvin Adventure #33 King Street ,Belize City ,Belize 205-2361
Almendarez, David Cave Tubing R Us 14 mls. Western Highway ,Hattieville ,Belize 615-3604 [email protected]
Chen, Feliciana Ecological Tours 19 Handyside Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Escobar, Lourdes Future Vision Investmant Co. General Delivery ,Burrell Boom Village ,Belize 225-2587 [email protected]
Shepheard, Jermaine Tuuf-e0nuff Tours 6663 Sunflower Street ,Belize City ,Belize 207-0445 [email protected]
Muschamp, David Freelance 306 Chetumal street ,Belama Phase 1 ,Belize 631-6120 [email protected]
Tillett, Dennis Belize Exclusive 29 Fabers Road ,Belize City ,Belize 207-7479 [email protected]
Flores, Floyd Leroy Radisson Fort George Hotel 311 Quail Street ,Ladyville ,Belize [email protected]
Staine, Cornel Robert St. George's Caye Resort 6456 Mahogany Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected] [email protected]
Portillo, Luis Noe Belize Paradise Tours 216 Samuel Haynes Street, Belama Phasse 1 ,Belize City , 601-0060 [email protected]
Pollard, John Emanuel Big John's Tours 25 Fabers Road ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Craig, Roy Sylvester Cinderalla Plaza Taxi 4471 Cor Patridge & Haulze Street ,Belize City ,Belize
Lord, Kirk Orlando CHUKKA 19 Gill Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Maskall, Gilbert Ecological Tours & Service #4 Maskall Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Jones, Dorine Amanda Splashwave 1016 Partridge Street ,Belize City ,Belize 203-3280 [email protected]
Belisle, Errol Anthony Big Cruise Ship Taxi Tour Guide Association 164 East Collet Canal ,Belize City ,Belize
Rodriguez, Omar Javier Ecological Tours 66 Los Lagos ,Belize City ,Belize 610-0478 [email protected]
Sutherland, Mark Belize Prizeland Tours 6837 Aloe Vera Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Belize City Belize" 623-1700
Lopez, Mark Anthony A Plus Adventures 67 Lord's Bank Road ,Ladyville ,Belize [email protected]
Brakeman, Douglas Chukka la democracia village ,Cayo ,CAyo 660-9241 [email protected]
Usher, Kent Anthony Chukka 21 Miles Gerorge Price Highway ,Belize Rural ,Belize 628-8412 [email protected]
Pook, Lyndell Justavio X-Stream Tours General Delivery ,Rancho Dolores Village ,Belize 209-2016
Hemmans, Shawon Jason VIV #13 I Street Kings Park ,Belize City ,Belize
Perez, Gilberto Challenge Travel & Tours 5503 K. St ,Belize ,Belize 671-8100 [email protected] [email protected]
Caliz, Blaine Curtis Juguar Reef Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek District , [email protected]
Milligan, Therese CHUKKA 19 Miles Sand Hill Village ,Belze Rural ,Belize 604-7612 [email protected]
Ferguson Jr., Claudious Ecological Tours Belize Lord's Bank Road ,Ladyville ,Belize
Domingo, Tarik CHUKKA Lot #80 ,Hattieville ,Belize [email protected]
Noel, Charles Joseph Tropical Excursions 63 West St. ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Santoya, Eliomar Eliezer H2O Tierra #4 Dickenson Street ,Belize City ,Belize 625-0952 [email protected]
Matura, Eunice Chukka 8816 JR STreet, Port Loyola ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Hemmans, Stacey Splashwave 7849 Rio Grande & Woodpecker ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Whyte, Rhondie Kendis Belize horse & Carriage 3177 Coffin Street ,Belize City ,Belize
McCulloch, Carl Calvin Freelance 304 Chan Chich Lane ,Lord's Bank Villlage ,Belize 615-9471 [email protected]
Thompson, Ken Chukka General Delivery ,Burrell Boom Village ,Belize [email protected]
Willoughby, Karim Nauti Time Tour 122 Alejo Beni Street, Belama phase 2 ,Belize City ,Belize 602-6969 [email protected]
P.O Box 1260 Belize City Belize" [email protected]
Echeverria, Maria CHUKKA 44 Barrack Road ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Allen, Bertha Lauriana Chukka 6413 Fern Lane ,Belize City ,Belize 602-3964
Burrel Boom Village
Y Avenue Apt 2
Burrel Boom Village Belize District" [email protected]
Arana, Cassandra Chukka Lucky Strike Village ,Belize District , [email protected]
Buttonwood Bay Belize City Belize City Belize" 628-3505 [email protected]
Middleton, Marlena M Olmecs 6372 Jsmine Street ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Coleman, Cardinal Way to Go Tours 122 Brown Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Vasquez, Raymond Big John Tours 346 B Peter Ash Down Street, Belama Phase 2 ,Belize City ,Belize 223-7159 [email protected]
Sutherland, Curtis Belize prizedland 6837 Aloe Vera Street ,Belize City , 602-1055 cu[email protected]
Robinson, Jimmy Olmecs Eco Tours 171/2 Miles George Price Highway ,Belize , [email protected]
Dawson, Jefferson 7259 Reggae St ,Beize City ,Belize 207-0122 [email protected]
St. Martins Depores Belize City Belize" 633-7706
McNab, Marcel Turneffe Island Resort #40B Jane Usher Blvd ,Belize City ,Belize 245-2045
Garbutt, Marcela Alicia Turneffe Island Resort 4407 Zacaranda Street ,Belize City ,Belize 625-0775 [email protected]
Queme, Rocke Antonio Belize Aggressor 181/2 Miles Northern Highway ,Sandhill , Belize 650-7965 [email protected]
Jones, Shanna Elsa Bacab Eco Park # 1 jane usher blvd ,Burell Boom ,Belize 620-8362 [email protected]
Carpio Jr, Fermin Western Caribbean Liveaboard 539 Contribo Street ,Belize City , 605-0517 [email protected]
Pook, Ephryne Exotic Tours/Caveman Tours 101 Cemetary Road ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Young, Dennis Robert Belize Rive r Lodge, LTD 86 Albert Hoy Avenue ,Belize City , [email protected]
Villanueva, Joel Jason Turneff Island Resort 27 Aloe Vera Street ,Belize city , 627-6349 [email protected]
Miranda, France K. Yhony Rosado 9863 Jr. Street (jane Usher) Belize City ,Belize City , [email protected]
Marchand, Galmar Raul Sel-Employed #289 Vista Del Mar ,Belize city , [email protected]
Villafranco Jr., Jose Ivor CHUKKA 19.5 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway ,Belize , 633-8541 [email protected]
Young, Robert Allan Truneffe Flats Maskall Village ,Belize , 653-6354
Solis, Asako Belize Concierge 6181 Dolphin Drive, Belize City ,Belize , 223-3206 [email protected]
Sho, Capistrano Wonders of The Barrier Reef 148 East Canal ,Belize City ,Belize 667-6628 [email protected]
Silva, Elenie Emelina Chukka Adventures 6333 Fabers Road ,Belize City , 622-3544 [email protected]
Williams, Kimbral Turneffe Flats Resort 8885 JR Street ,Belize , 635-0085
Sewell, Shamir Edward Belize Exclusive 2136 Vista Drl Mar ,Ladyville ,Belize 630-1612 [email protected]
Gordon, Waylon Way To Go Tours 33 Nargusta Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Garbutt, Nuri Exotic 8520 Ground Dove Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Marin Jr. , Norman Chukka 460 Maurice Bishop Extention ,Belama ,Belize 668-8442 normanma[email protected]
Martin, Luis Manuel Frenchies Diving Service 79 Racoon Street Extention ,Belize City ,Belize 630-5231 [email protected]
Teul, Christobal Bus Terminal & Market Square Taxi Cooperative 92 Antelope Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Wiltshire, Justin Lyndon Monkey Bay Wildlife Santuary La Democracia Village ,Belize City ,Belize 631-1098 [email protected] [email protected]
Tun, Alicia Exotic Eco Adventures Freetown Sibun ,Belize Rural ,Belize 664-4146
Bevans, Anita Rose Chukka Discovery Expedition 4375 Cedar Street ,Belize City ,Belize 665-6007 [email protected]
Modha, Mayolita Self-Employed #4 13th St. ,Belize City ,Belize 602-9957 [email protected]
Gurung, Jeevan Self 13 1/2 Miles Western Highway ,Belize ,Belize 602-1142 [email protected]
Tun, Roberto Omar Exotic Eco Adv. Freetown Sibun ,Belize Rural ,Belize 661-6029 [email protected]
Salas, Laura Black Howla Ecolution Tours Isabella Bank ,Belize Rural ,Belize [email protected]
Juarez, Jose Alonzo Cave-tubers #9 Windmill Area ,Belize District ,Belize 651-6167 [email protected]
Moguel, Avito 8 Miles Western Highway ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
McKoy, Kareem Abdulh Exotic Eco Adventure Cor Rivero and Barnett ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Casasola, Denise Marie chukka caribbean tours St. Paul Bank ,Belize ,Belize 632-2001 [email protected]
Dominguez, Vilma Chukka Isabella Bank ,Belize ,Belize 245-2189 [email protected]
Frazer, John 22 CET Site ,Belize City ,Belize 666-6977 [email protected]
Yin, Hai Ching Gilberto Perez Bryant Estate ,Belize ,Belize 225-9153 [email protected]
Lee, Chang Pu Freelance Xocol St, Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 602-7775 [email protected]
Williams, Shanna Chukka Lester Richards Road ,Stann Creek ,Belize 610-5817 [email protected]
Andrade, Dasaev Belize Rays Ltd. 849 Sunflower Street ,Belize City ,Belize 633-1301 [email protected]
Sheran, Gladston M. Chukka 1321 Crown Cone ,Belize City ,Belize 600-4870 [email protected]
Graniel, Marcel J. Freelance 1540 Pride Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize 203-1011 [email protected]
Mai, Orlando Theodore Freelance 19 miles Philip Goldson Highway ,Belize ,Belize 602-1101 [email protected]
Johnson Sr., William Turneffe Island Resort 49 Fabers Road Ext ,Belize City ,Belize 669-2341
Moore, Paula Future Vision Investment 8670 Jane usher ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Aspinall, Andrew Island Adventures 1737 Magoon St. ,Stann Creek ,Belize 676-7676 [email protected]
Ayala, Selly Chukka Adventure tours 326 Manta Ray Blvd ,Ladyville ,Belize [email protected]
Ayala, Carlos Francis Carlos Tours 326 Manta Ray Blvd ,Ladyville ,Belize 633-3440 [email protected]
Pineda, Emmanuel Fernan Belize Prizedland 3602 Rasta Street ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Jones, Quincy Horse And Carriage Tours 7610 Fabers ext. ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Montero, Derick Belize Exclusive 50 Flakmboyant Street ,Ladyville ,Belize 602-9431 [email protected]
York, Barington Milton Belize Inland Tours & Transfers 4 Lovely Lane ,Belize ,Belize 601-5091 [email protected]
Olivera, Shellon S&R Adventure 227 Calpache Street ,Lords Bank ,Belize 610-3033 [email protected]
Duce, Joseph Roy & Duce enterprises 197 george price highway ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Watters Sr. , Anthony Big John's Tours 5 Nargusta Street ,Belize City ,Belize 227-2374
Menzies, Murray Fitzgerald Big John's 36 Queen Charlotte ,Belize ,
Martin, Samuel Alberto Frenchies diving Services 79 Racoon Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Cutkelvin, Hilberto S Prizedland 6863 Electric Ave ,Belize City ,Belize 222-4298 [email protected]
Garcia, Jasmine Chukka Tours 20 Kelly Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Bevans, James David Freelance 4573 Cedar street Apt #9 ,Belize city ,Belize 667-4724 [email protected]
Gordon, Aaron Gilbert Blair 3108 Ben Bow Street ,Belize ,
Ferguson, Robert Daniel Tropical Excursions 320 John Smith Street ,Belama ,Belize [email protected]
Middleton, Derick C. Big John's Tours 146 Neal Pen Road ,Belize City ,Belize 627-4363
Leal, Matthew Ecological Tours 146 Corner Marage and Milpa Road ,Ladyville ,Belize [email protected]
August, Curtis Deon Tropical Excursion Tours 26 Gibnut street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Saragoza, Mark Big John's Tours 6929 Electric Ave ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Usher, Cardinal Big John's Tours 6511 Periwinkle St. ,Belize City ,Belize 628-5597 [email protected]
Harris, Neil Francis Belize Carriage Tours #1 Heusner's Crescent ,Belize City ,Belize 223-3348 [email protected]
Flowers, Jarreth Tropical Excursions 148 Antelope Ext ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Hamilton, Eugene Big John's Tours 6891 Ring Road ,Belize City ,Belize
Sacasa, Mark Bileezhan Flavaz Tours 3833 Riviero Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Mejia, Frankie Big John Tours 6358 Scabbard Street ,Belize ,Belize
Carter, Floyd Big John's Tours 124 Signa York Street ,Belize ,Belize
Cordon, Oscar Belize Cavetubing Paradise La Loma Luz Blvd ,Cayo District ,Santa Elena
Ebanez, Emma CHUKKA Saint Matthews Village ,Cayo District ,Belize [email protected]
Cho- Bradley, Lucia Revel Rivers Santa Cruz ,Cayo ,Belize 660-4888 [email protected]
Jeffords, Cordell Alexander Tropical Excursions & Tours 1006 Partridge Street ,Belize City ,Belize
Martinez Sr., Sylbert Big John's Tours Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo ,Belize 605-6749 [email protected]
Garcia, Sherwin Big John's Tours 3226 St. Jude Street ,Belize City ,Belize 207-7293 [email protected]
Middleton, Llemar Big John tours 6873 Electic Avenue ,Belize City ,Belize
Hoare, Shaneekah S. Chukka 58 Levi Slusher Street ,Belize City ,Belize 600-5552 [email protected]
Silva, Johnathan Freelance 18 Street Kings Park ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Requena, Hulda Tara Bacab Eco park 20 Supal Street ,Belize City ,Belize 225-3537 [email protected]
Vasquez, Darillo Seagull Street ,Belize city ,Belize 636-8294 [email protected]
Armstrong, Humphrey A+ Adventures Belize Crooked Tree Village ,Crooked Tree village ,Belize [email protected]
Espinoza, Shamera Beliz X-stream Tours 19 Lord's Bank ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Lizama, Aaron A. 5 Stsar Adventures 1-2nd Street Kings Park ,Belize City ,Belize 203-1647
Stewart, Darren M. Bacab Eco Park #8 Stuart estate ,Burrel boom village ,Belize 601-3684 [email protected]
Jones, Justin Big Johns 9 rose lane ,Belize city ,Belize 637-2603 [email protected]
Martinez, Jovany Big John's Tours 6677 police street ,Belize , 664-0157 [email protected]
De La Fuente , Julian Discounted Belize Shuttel 236 eagle street ,ladyville ,Belize 605-7450 [email protected]
Kelly , Carleton O. Exotie Eco Adventure Tours 622-1814 [email protected]
Flowers, Wallace R 5 Star Tours 80 George street ,Belize city ,Belize 670-4203
Lucas, Francisco Self-Employed 46 Ordonez Street ,Belize , 607-9271
Herrera, Delroy Belize Inland TOurs & Transfers #23 - 3rd St. ,Belize City , 600-5959 [email protected]
Bodden , Sheery Lynn Tuff E Nuff San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro Town ,San Pedro [email protected]
Bul, Jerry Jeremiah Buena Vista Village ,Corozal , 637-2239 [email protected]
Diaz, Luis Adolfo Tranquility Bay Resosrt Sarteneja Village, corozal District ,sarteneja Village , 629-6220 [email protected]
Garbutt, Fredrick Chukka Lucky Strike Village ,Belize , 610-1702 [email protected]
Augustine , Shellymae CHUKKA Tours 17 miles hattieville ,Hattieville ,Belize 631-0588 [email protected]
Galvez Sr., Charles Freelance Lucky Strike Village ,Belize City ,Belize 601-4763 [email protected]
Gotoy, Gilroy Earl Chukka Tours Lucky Strike Village ,Belize City ,Belize 637-7510
Blease, Linsdale Government of Belize 610-6970 [email protected]
Sosa, Christopher Bileezhan FLAYVAZ 21 Regent Street West ,Belize , [email protected]
Flowers, Racquel chukka 19 miles sand hill ,Belize city , 622-9755 [email protected]
Leslie, Wilhem B. CHUKKA 19 Miles, George Price Highway ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Cho, Cuauhtemoc Belizean Caribbean Tours 6726 Waight St. ,Belize City , 607-6130 [email protected]
Elliott, Godfrey Belize Caribbean Tours #11 Neals Pen Road ,Belize City , 653-1385 [email protected]
White, Mark Anthony Duce's Best Belize Tour 6874 Electric Av ,Belize City , 202-0409 [email protected]
Hislop Jr., Dennis Belize Carribean Tours 40 Fabers Road ,Belize ,Belize 615-5649 [email protected]
Dias, Auner Joel Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative 4 Dickenson Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Cantillano, Fredy A. Chukka 14 Douglas Jones street ,Belize , 623-8597 [email protected]
Castillo, Vanessa Sheila Patrick Jacobs 635-5843 [email protected]
Thompson, Kenton Kareem 5 Star Tours [email protected]
Cocom, Daniel Santiago Exotic Eco Adventure Tours 622-5115 [email protected]
Hyde, Chelsie Freelance Mile 31 Democracia Village ,Belize , 627-4900 [email protected]
Pollard, Juwan E. Tuff-E-Nuff 7522 Rio Grande Crescent ,Belize , 2024210 [email protected]
Neal, Charles Big John Tours #44 Barrack Rd ,Belize , 607-3370 [email protected]
Cabral, Jenneine Chukka Tours 607-5545 [email protected]
Manzanero, Omar Mitchell Belize by Carriage
Pitterson, Tenesha 5 Star Cave tubing 626-1676 [email protected]
Pollard, Anthony Freelance 29 Zericote St. ,Belize , 664-5872 [email protected]
Garoy, Robert L. Wonders of the Barrier Reef 65 Swordfish Drive ,Belize ,
Hislop, Leroy Belize Caribbean Tour #40 Fabers Road ,Belize ,
Lewis, Percy Way To Go Tours/ Private Belize Adventures 5869 Manatee Drive ,Belize , 223-2718 [email protected]
Parkinson, Desiree Freelance 20.5 Miles George Price Highway ,Belize , 626-8260 [email protected]
Cattouse, Hannah A. Belize Impressive Tours 238 Apollo St ,Belize , [email protected]
Staine, Kareem Jamaal Princess Ramada 3361 Faber's Road ,Belize , 2075714 [email protected]
Cain Jr., Sherman M. #3519 Baracat & Gill St. ,Belize , 207-0990 [email protected]
Danderson, Isaiah Thomas Belize inland Tours & Transfer 15 Miles George Price Highway ,Belize , [email protected]
Jeffords, Alton Turneffe Flats 11 Lake View St. ,Belize , [email protected]
Gabourel, Edison Albert Turneffe Island Lodge 2069 Quail Road ,Ladyville , 629-7034 [email protected]
Barrera, Michael Caribbean Tours #24 Fabers Rd Ext. ,Belize , [email protected]
Encalada, Christopher W. Turneffe Flats 29 Fabers Road ,Belize City , [email protected]
Brown, Michael A. Freelance 4407 Zacaranda St. ,Belize , [email protected]
Thurton, Albert Edward Freelance 3550 Venus Crescent ,Belize ,
Gillett, Eldon A. Freelance G4racie Rock Village ,Belize ,
Arias, Alfredo Exotic Shore Excursions 3756 Pelican Street ,Belize City , [email protected]
Fuller, Anthony Erwin Thatch Caye Resort #24 Dickenson Street ,Belize , 671-0052
Mortis, Sana Musinah Wet Lizard #2 Simmons Lane ,Belize , [email protected]
Lopez, Francisco Edurardo Rusel Longsworth 242 Jack Fruit Crescent ,Belize , 615-1485 [email protected]
Thurton, Jacqueline 3580 Venus Crescent ,Belize , 627-1182 [email protected]
Silva, Andre Jose Freelance 3665 Unity St. ,Belize , 633-1605
Castro, John Oliver Ecological Tours 10 Price Alley ,Belize City ,
Allen, Al Mathew Caveman Snorkeling Tours, #4 Guadelupe St. ,Belize , [email protected]
Westby, Abigail Elizabeth Chukka #6 Maxboro ,Belize Rural , [email protected]
Mckenzie, Veronique Belize R' Us 82 Victoria Street ,Belize , 615-2255 [email protected]
Badillo, Adyvah Kearah Belize Caribbean Tours 9022 Grace Ebanks, Jane Usher ,Belize , [email protected]
Almandarez, Darwin A. H2O Tierra Ltd 116 Barrack Road ,Belize ,
Lino, Denzil Hilton Total Business Solutions Ltd. 5875 Manatee Drive. Buttonwood Bay ,Belize City , [email protected]
Flowers, Errol Orvin # 10 Fabers Road ,Belize City , 6016809
Number of Tour Guides:
Belize Rural Pott, Roman Belize Impressive Tours #16 Farmers Market ,Belize City ,Belize 607-0296
Brakeman, Norman Free Lance General Delivery ,Gracie Rock Village ,Belize 600-7485
Cawich, Florecita Exotic Eco Adventures #50 Western Paradise ,Belize , [email protected]
Linares, Denneford Tropical Excursions 6646 Mahogany Street ,Belize ,Belize 202-2510
Cho, Gramer Bryant Chukka 17 Miles George Price Highway ,Belize Rural ,Belize [email protected]
Miller, Eli J Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Mile 31 1/2 Western Highway, La Democracia ,Belize City ,Belize 634-8303 [email protected]
Smith , Ester Chukka Lucky strike village ,Belize , 631-6135 [email protected]
Humes-Nelson, Kendra K Freelance Rock Stone Pond ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Mendez, Andrea E 30.5 Miles Old Northern Rd. ,Lucky Strike ,Belize 205-5507 [email protected]
Chacon, Andrew Free Lance Lucky Strike ,Lucky Strike ,Belize [email protected]
Longsworth, Bevorley Chukka #1 Rockstone Pond ,Rockstone Pond ,Belize [email protected]
Pollard, Brandon Chukka Lucky Strike Village ,Lucky Strike ,Belize [email protected]
Mendez, Javier D. Chukka Mile 30 Northern Highway ,Lucky Strike ,Belize 205-5507 [email protected]
Chacon, Leandra Diedra Chukka Rockstone Pond ,Rock Stone Pond Village ,Belize [email protected]
Messam, Marian Chukka & Private Maskall ,Maskall ,Belize [email protected]
Welch, Threnton Kevin Taunya Bruns & Ken Gales Point Manatee ,Belize City ,Belize 668-9257 [email protected]
Turton Sr., Adrian Gerald Belize Fun Tours [email protected]
Tun, Gabriel Cave-tubers excursion Freetown Sibun ,Belize , 663-2054 [email protected]
Geban, Kerin A. Chukka 19.5 Mls. George Price Highway ,Gracie Rock Village , 601-1833
Hall, Justin Jamal Chukka 19.5 Miles George Price Highway ,Hattiville , 634-7201 [email protected]
Usher, Ronaldo Enrique Freelance 21 Miles George Price Highway ,Belize , 633-8668 [email protected]
Usher, Sirley Estefani Chukka General Delivery ,Belize ,
Hemmans, Sherie Nicole Freelance Gracie Rock Village ,Belize , 660-8270
Ledlon, Ruth Magdalene Exotic Shore Excursions Scotland Half-Moon Village ,belize , [email protected]
Wade, Nicole Elizabeth Exotic Eco Tours 101 Palmer Boundary Road ,Orange Walk , 602-0812 [email protected]
Seguro, Goldburn Gilbert Freelance 135 Baking Pot ,Belize , 631-9683 [email protected]
Alvarado, Sandy Analy 28.5 Miles Old Northern Highway ,Belize Rural , 630-1730 [email protected]
Middleton, Casmond Edison None #3 Talawalla Street ,Lord's Bank ,
Cordova, Jason Immanuel Ian Anderson 7 Mahogany Heights ,Belize ,
Rhaburn, Jordy Allan Self employed 162 West Lake 8 Miles ,Belize Rural ,
Number of Tour Guides:
Caye Caulker Badillo Sr., Roque G Self- Employed Avenida Langosta Street ,Caye Caulker ,Caye Caulker 600-0075
Rosado, Julian Rodolfo Freelance Calle Almendra ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize
Pacheco, Albert Freelance 51B Pacheco Drive ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0127 [email protected]
Novelo, Efrain V. Frenchies Diving Park Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Blease, Robert Joseph Raggaa Muffin Tours Harbor St ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize
Caye Caulker Village Belize" 601-9694
Pariente, Karl Matthew Frenchies Diving Services Avenido Langosta ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 601-0131 [email protected]
Novelo Jr., Erico Anwar Tours Avenida Hicaw ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0017
Coc, Parnell Polard Freelance Calle La Poza ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0187 [email protected]
Rosado, Cipriano E. Freelance Back Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 632-4769
Ayala, Carlos Benito Carlos Tours 53 D Avenida Che-Chem ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0457 [email protected]
Aguilar, Normando Seeing is Belizing Tours Pasero Street ,Caye Caulker , 610-3681
Arce, Carlos Ernesto Freelance Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 501-602-6263 [email protected]
Joseph, Francis Carlos Rainbow Seeing is Belizeing Tours Back Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 662-4062
Castillo, Ines Franzua Aqua Scuba San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Requena, Carlos Blue Sea Diving services Calle La Poza ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0272 [email protected]
Badillo, Eloy Marcelo Freelance Paserro Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0270 [email protected]
Verde, Jose Mario Freelance Bahin puesto Al Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 623-5088 [email protected]
Perez, Wilfredo Liberty Tours Avenida Langosta ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize
Marin, Artemio Juan Anda De Water Tours Luciano Reyes Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Martinez, Clifton Ray Reef Friendly Tours Linds Cocal Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 627-5393 [email protected]
Jimenez, Jorge Mojo Back Street ,Caye Caulker ,Belize
Woods , Harry E-Z Boys Tour Date Lane ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 652-8564 [email protected]
Magaña, Alfonso Ian Freelance Avenida Langosta Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 601-2589 [email protected]
Arce, Salvador Alberto Self Employed Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Chan, Carlos David self-employed 75 Pesero Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize District 628-0868 [email protected]
Tzac, Euphrosino Freelance 3rd Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 629-7457 [email protected]
Cal, Abdon Blue Sea Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 652-0622 [email protected]
Smith, Kevin E-Z Boy Tours Lind's Coral ,Caye Caulker , 651-2529 [email protected]
Bo, Pablo Belize Diving Services Ltd Calle La Posa ,Caye Caullker Village ,Belize 610-2372 [email protected]
Ash, Shadrack Self Employed Park Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Wright, Stephen Owen Freelance Bahia ,Belize ,Belize 607-0323 [email protected]
Reyes, Phillip Freelance Front Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize
Heredia, Omir Juaquin Freelance Calle de Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0132
Henriquez, Jose Frenchies Diving Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Ramos, Phliip James Star Tours 149 Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Rubio Jr., Charles Edward Blue Sea Dive Shop Back Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize
Allen, Gerardo Beraldo Mario's Tours Avenida Mangle ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Usher Jr., Esley Eric Freelance Sylvester Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Allen, Maria Lucero Freelance Bahia Puesta al Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Castillo, Rodrick Elias Hamanasi Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek District ,Belize [email protected]
Allen, Rodrigo Teodoro Freelance Avenida Mangle ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 650-0879 [email protected]
Castañeda, Mynor Belize Diving Serivces Ltd 67 Avenida Langosta ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0143
Enriquez, Eduel Black Bird Estrella St. ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 662-6208 [email protected]
Fortè, Ian William Hans Badillo 624-6247 [email protected]
Green, Fabian Kevin Rainbow Tourshop 2 C Antelope St ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Sandoval, Omar Anwar Tours Avenida Langosta St ,Belize ,
Watson, Amado Caye Caulker Reef Friendly Tours Luciano Reyes St. ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Coc, Kenan Adino Freelance Calle La Posa ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0054 [email protected]
Toralla, Josè David Anwar Tours Hicaco Avenida ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 608-8151
Allen, Bonifacio Freelance Avenida Mangle ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize
Young, Simeon Charles Freelance Front Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Andrewin, Jerry Emmanuel RaggaMuffin New Site ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Aguilar, Louis Antonio Star Tours Bagia Puesta del Sol ,Caye Caulker Area ,Belize [email protected]
Latchman, Sean Lowell Freelance #18 Marvin Ganey St. ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 6270575 [email protected]
Flores, Ralph Anthony Dorly and Kenny General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 653-0920 [email protected]
Wiltshire, Artemio Black Hawk Pacerro Street ,Caye Caulker ,Corozal 622-5390
Pike, Hilary Ann Freelance Avenida Mulche ,Caye Caulker Area ,Belize 626-1119 [email protected]
Cal, Fiona Silvia Freelance Hattie Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 226-0404 [email protected]
Co, Joel Mario's Tours Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 206-0186 [email protected]
Armstrong, Kevin Raggamuffin Tours Travelers Palms Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Heusner, Jacob Daniel Raggamuffin Tours Calle Aguada ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 651-3925 [email protected]
Ash, Marfilio French Angel Exp. Tours Calle del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 626-5821 [email protected]
Rosado, Ilya Ramon Belize Diving Services Ltd. Pasero Street ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize [email protected]
Young, Corrina T. Black Durgon Dive Avenida Hicaco ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 600-3397 [email protected]
Lopez, Henry Rafael Contour Ocean Ventures Chapoose Street ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 615-8757 [email protected]
Williams, Walter Roy Belize Diving Services Avenieda Hicaco ,Caye Caulker , 627-6342 [email protected]
Anderson, Shane Donovan Raggamuffin Tours Caye Caulker Back Street ,Caye Caulker Village , 601-9621 [email protected]
Maximo, Harry Caveman Tours Estrella St. ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Arce, Marvin Alberto RaggaMuffin Tours Puesta Bahia del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 631-3539 [email protected]
Chiac, Juan Carlos Ayala Mangle Street ,Caye Caulker , [email protected]
Bul, Eugene E. Caveman Snorkeling Puesta Bahia del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Funes, Jiovanni S. Belize Diving Services Chapoose ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Harris, Daniel Playa Asuncion Avenida Mangle Street ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Lopez, Eleuterio Frenchies Diving Service 131 Bahia Del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Sho, Shane Matthew RaggaMuffin Tours 629-3157 [email protected]
Nunez, Isani Garie Ragggamuffin Tours Bahia Puesta del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Cus, Reina Kayla Freelance Bahia, Puesta del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Anderson, Keith Nicholas Stressless Tours Calle al Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 624-6064 [email protected]
Novelo, Andrew Anwar Tour Pasero Street ,Caye Caulker , 622-8542 [email protected]
Gramajo, Alexander Hicaco Tours Bahia Puesta del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize
Sosa, Ronnie T. Caveman Snorkeling Tours Avenida Mangle ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 226-0014 [email protected]
Badillo Jr, Roque Keith Anderson Caye Caulker ,Belize ,Belize [email protected]
Miller, Edmond Ralph Sea Grass Tours Caye Caulker ,Belize ,Belize 601-2245 [email protected]
Lopez, Stefanie Frenchie's Diving Services Calle Almendro ,Caye Caulker , 501-629-2204 [email protected]
Requena, Jorge E. Freelance Calle La Poza ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Salam, Oliver Go Sea Tours 627-2841 [email protected]
Requena, Armando Blue Wave Divers Calle La Poza ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 662-7598 [email protected]
Pacheco, Joey Albert Blue Wave Divers Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Wigh, Bradley R. Anwar Tours 501-632-9585 [email protected]
Adams, Michael Frenchies Dive Services 229 Bahia Puesta Del SOl ,Caye Caulker , 660-1141 [email protected]
Watson Jr., Amado Green Reef Tours Bahia Puesta del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Blanco, Joaquin EZ-Boy's Tours Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,Belize [email protected]
Tzalam, John Matias Anda De Wata Tours Avenida Pueblo Nuevo ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 605-4180 [email protected]
Novelo, Javier Anwar Tours Avenida Langosta ,Caye Caulker ,
Dominguez, Sherwyn Devon Ragamuffin Tours Beachfront Tom's ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 635-7751 [email protected]
Jaynes, Christopher Lee Ragamuffin Tours 630-7697 [email protected]
Salam, Eliciano French Angel Expedition Tours 632-4126 [email protected]
Requena, Kyle A. Chasin' Tail Fly Fishing 226-0272 [email protected]
Estrada, David Evan Reef Friendly Bahia Puesto del Sol ,Belize ,
Chub, Basilio Freelance 626-9088 [email protected]
Crawford, Alex Caveman Snorkeling Tours Avenida Mangle ,Caye Caulker ,
Requena, Mercedes E. Blue Sea Diving Calle la Poza ,Belize , 634-4682 [email protected]
Varela, Elvis Rafael Rafael Alamilla 653-7377 [email protected]
Aldana, Ramiro Miguel Freelance 29 Traveller's Palm Street ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Sanchez, Raul Sabu Davin Toress/ Liberty Tours Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker , [email protected]
Blease, Michael Alain Ragamuffin Tours General Delivery ,Caye Caulker , [email protected]
Arana, Izayil C. Belize Diving Service CAYE CAULKER ,CAYE CAULKER , 501-615-7537 [email protected]
Novelo, Maximilliano Frenchies Diving South Point ,Caye Caulker Village , [email protected]
Allen, Jonathan Teodore Playa Asuncion 635-1070 [email protected]
Guzman, Miriany Elizabeth Freelance Hicaco Avenue ,Belize District , 226-0064 [email protected]
Young, Eloy Emmanuel Blue Sea Diving Services Date Lane ,Caye Caulker , 226-0229 [email protected]
Flowers, Mark Andrew Stressless Tours Tom's Apartment ,Caye Caulker , 620-0147 [email protected]
Reyes, Heber Reef-Friendly snorkeling Tours Playa Ausension ,Caye Caulker , 615-1487 [email protected]
Ical, Sivithun Phillip French Angel Expedition Park st. ,Caye Caulker , 621-7681 [email protected]
Patt Jr., Errol Matias Frenchie's Diving Services Avenida Longosta ,Caye Caulker , 226-0475 [email protected]
Marin, Marquis Rainbow Seeing is Belizing Tours Avendida Hicaco ,Caye Caulker , [email protected]
Madhyan, Vicky Freelance
Allen, Xandir Vasquiem Freelance Avenida Langosta ,Caye Caulker ,
Rosado, Yevgeny Luis Caye Caulker Native Tours Calle Aguada ,Caye Caulker , [email protected]
Bennett, Ryan Ruel Rainbow Tour Shop 3rd Street ,Caye Caulker , [email protected]
Spencer Jr., Charles Steve Cave Man Snorkling Tours Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker ,
Tush, Andy Ryan Frenchies Diving Services Caye Caulker Village ,Belize District , [email protected]
Briceno, Howell Angel Anda de Wata Tours Estrella Street ,Belize , 631-8857 [email protected]
Latchman, Xena Leslie Exotic Eco Adventure Tours Marvin Ganey Street ,Caye Caulker , [email protected]
Gorosica, Abelino Self Employed/Free Lance 1 New Site ,Stann Creek , 501-621-6788 [email protected]
Rogers, Adrianne Angeline Free Lnace Louis Sylvester Street ,Caye Caulker , 501-626-8797 [email protected]
Burgess, Alwin Alex Caveman Snorkling Tours 630-6112 [email protected]
Ku, Idelfonso Augustine Self Employed Estrella Street ,Caye Caulker , 636-1478 [email protected]
Chavannes, Candice Mitsuko Anwar Tours Pasero Street ,Caye Caulker , 600-4111 [email protected]
Sandoval, Abdiel Oswaldo Caye Caulker Native Tours Calle Aguada ,Caye Caulker , 6270373 [email protected]
Marin, Marco Antonio Self Employed 615-4724 [email protected]
Number of Tour Guides:
Cayo District Magandi, Rodolfo Solis Exotic Shore Excursions Cahal Pech Street ,Cayo ,Belize 624-1451
Pandy, Clifton Clarence Belize cruise Ship TAXI GUIDE ASSOCIATION #2 Vernon Street ,Belize , [email protected]
Young, Charles Anthony Freelance 18 Cayo Street ,Cayo Dsitrict ,Belize [email protected]
Ochaeta, Esteban E Freelance 94 Churchill St. ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Savanah St. San Ignacio Cayo" 804-3674 [email protected]
Godoy, Luis Agustine Freelance San Leopoldo Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 824-3314 [email protected]
Burns Jr., Philip Edward Yute Expeditions 7 5th St. ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 662-4575 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Roberto Yute Expedition #13 High Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo
Mai, Phillip Pedro Duplooy's Belize San Antonio Village ,Cayo District , 824-3101 [email protected]
Tzib, Lazaro Fermin viavententure Ltd. Kontiki Ext. ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 670-0782 [email protected]
La Democracia Belmopan" 664-2731 [email protected]
Chi, Neri Mainor Slickrock Adventures General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo 622-4943 [email protected]
Santiago, Antonio Freelance Mabel Pitts Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 660-6452
Awe, Emilio Alfonso Pacz Tours 14 Cahal Pech Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Penados, Gliss Amilcar Belize Family Adventure Maya Street ,San Jose Succotz ,Cayo [email protected]
Cano, Edward Freelance General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo 627-5410 [email protected]
Romero, Eusebio Ricardo Via Venture General Delivery ,Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Bradley, Patrick Belize Nature Travel Santa Cruz ,Cayo ,Cayo 665-3825 [email protected]
Andrews, David Samuel Inlandarid Sea adventure #5 Mahogany Street ,Belmopan City ,Cayo [email protected]
Mutrie, Wilfred Doplooy's Lodge San Jose Succotz ,Cayo District ,Toledo 605-4298 [email protected]
Wade Jr., Clifton Turneffe Island Resort 9 Carmen Street ,Cayo District ,Belize 654-2970 [email protected]
Montes Sr., Fidelio Roldan David Gegg Cor. Peres & Hibiscus Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 607-4713 [email protected]
Canto, Israel Solomon Belize Nature Travele Benque Viejo Road ,cayo ,Cayo 650-0622 [email protected]
Garcia, Edgar Marconi Viaventure Alta Vista Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 824-3097 [email protected]
Manzanero, Baldemir The Lodge at Chaa Creek La Casa del Caballo Blanco ,Cayo District , 824-4111 [email protected]
Warrior, Adam Patrick Freelance Catton Tree Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Howe, Theodore San Ignacio Resort Hotel 21 Joseph Andrews Dr. ,Cayo ,Cayo 602-5431 [email protected]
Neal, Felix Freelance Trapiche Road ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 623-2685
Valentine, Cipiriano Ramon Jaguar Reef Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek ,Stann Creek
Lamb, Hugh Rodrigo Mayawalk 29 Bullet Tree Rd. ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 804-3070
Williams Sr., Albert Bzm Tours #16 B San Jose succotz ,San Jose Succottz Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Bol, Anastacio Felix HAMANSI RESORT 15th Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 651-5492 [email protected]
Carbajal, Oscar Rene Pacz Tours #9 Hospital St. ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Jimenez, Secundino Amilcar Exotic Tour Excursions General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Panti Jr., Elfego Edwardo Freelance General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz ,Cayo [email protected]
Hyde, Mark Anthony Turneffe Flats General Delivery ,Cotton Tree Vilage ,Cayo bel[email protected]
Zaiden, Luis Amett Kawiil Tours 5 Esther Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 664-5446 [email protected]
Guerra, Rafael A. Ka'Tun Ahaw Tours 11 Flamingo Avenue ,Santa Elena ,Cayo 6276765 [email protected]
Panti, Rosario Freelance General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo
Lopez, Roberto Discovery Expeditions Lirio Street ,Cayo District ,Belmopan City [email protected]
Lucas, Manuel Freelance General Delivery ,St. Matthew's Village ,Cayo 634-2238 [email protected]
Barrera, Gerson Abdul Belize Jungle Masters General Delivery ,St. Mathew's Village ,Belize 660-5656 [email protected]
P.O Box 485 Belmopan Belmopan City Cayo " 6347321 [email protected]
Lobo, Jose Elias B.I.H.L General Delivery ,Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo 604-7662 [email protected]
Benque Viejo Benque Viejo Town Cayo" [email protected]
Cruz, Pedro Arnoldo Freelance 16 Far West Street ,Cayo District , 822-3731 [email protected]
Orellana, Juan Carlos Mayawalk Tours 18 Cahal Pech Street ,Cayo ,Cayo 635-3722 [email protected]
Lucero, Andres Gilberto Blancaneaux Lodge #2 23rd St. ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 804-4777 [email protected]
Moguel, John Oliver CHUKKA, Cruise Solutions Currasow Dr. ,San Ignacio ,Cayo [email protected]
Garcia, Jose Arnoldo Slick Rock Adventures General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 634-6124 [email protected]
Trujillo, Alexie Noel The Lodge at Chaa Creek Nazarene Extension ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo 607-0620 [email protected]
Herrera, Fransisco CHUKKA TOURS 32 St. Joseph Street ,Benque Viejo Del Carmen , [email protected]
Velasquez, Angel Salvador Angels Tours Coconut Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Rodriguez, Apolonio Freelance General Delivery ,Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo 662-5395
Coe, Abelino Manuel Turneffe Flats Santa Barbara Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 671-0640 [email protected]
Corrales, Carlos Alberto Black Rock Lodge Progresso Village ,Cayo ,Cayo [email protected]
Alfaro Jr., Edward Alix Belize Family Adventures General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz ,Cayo 635-5537 [email protected]
Cano, Valentin Amalio Freelance San jose Village ,Orangewalk , 6666610 [email protected]
Castellanos, Renan Alberto Belize Adventure trails Tambrand Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo
Choco, Miguel Flores Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions Buena Vista ,Cayo ,Cayo 667-1418 [email protected]
Gentle, Lenney Owen Katun Ahaw Tours San Jose succotz vllage ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 803-3251 [email protected]
Mess, Basilio Freelance [email protected]
Paredez, Michael Freelance Mabel Pitts St. ,Santa Elena ,Cayo District 602-0987 [email protected]
Juan, Aaron Elijah Maya Walk Tours 19 Burns Avenue ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Richards, Elmo Frankson Blancaneaux lodge #4 Bullet Tree Road ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo
Waight, Teddy Armando Freelance General Delivery ,Bullet Tree Falls ,Cayo 664-9599 [email protected]
Pleitez, Gonsalo Dionisio River Rat Expeditions 8 Mile Hydro Road ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo 661-4562 [email protected]
Alfaro, Blas Eduardo Belize Caving Expeditions Kukulkan Street ,San Jose Succtoz Village ,Cayo
Benque Viejo Rd. Benque Viejo Cayo " 662-4920 [email protected]
Perez, Mario CHUKKA St. Margaret's Village ,Belmopan ,Cayo [email protected]
Tzib, Jeronimo Ruperto Blancaneaux Lodge General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 663-8497 [email protected]
Juärez, Oswaldo David Ismael The Lodge at Chaa Creek General Delivery ,Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo 633-8505 [email protected]
Carranza, Angel P. Self-Employed 16 Doyles Delight St ,Belmopan ,Belize 600-2589 [email protected]
August, Brainard Martin Freelance Bishop Martin Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 662-9605 [email protected]
27 Burens Avenue San Ignacio Town Cayo " 623-4880 [email protected]
Chiapas, Esperansa Gaitan Caves Branch General Delivery ,St. Margaret Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Garcia, Pablo Ian Andersons Cave Branch General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Hernandez, Carlos Ian Anderson Cave Branch General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Requena, D'Alesandro Freelance #9 Avella Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 653-0214 [email protected]
Requena, Edward The Lodge at Chaa Creek #18 George Street ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo 650-6925 [email protected]
Martinez, Raul Antonio Bowen & Bowen San Lazaro Village ,Orange Walk ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Zuleta, Hector Antonio Caves Branch Outpost General Delivery ,St. Matthew's Village ,Cayo 627-8823
Burns, Ian Derrick Indulge in Amazing Nature Tours Kontiki Extention #20 Antares Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 824-2076 [email protected]
Panti Sr., Elfego Freelance General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo 626-5060 [email protected]
Rudon, Lynette Amanda CHUKKA Requena Street ,Cayo District , 6248083 [email protected]
Magaña, Leticia Lisa Chukka #6 toledo street ,Cayo ,Belize 631-0368 [email protected]
Tulcey, Jerry Dean Jerry Kids Adventure Getaway General Delivery ,Teakettle Village ,Cayo 610-6834 [email protected]
Westby Requena, Rosalie Chukka 16 victoria Street ,Benque ,Cayo 633-4718 [email protected]
Odinga, Peter Junior Chukka 6 Fem Road ,Cayo ,Cayo 650-8777 [email protected]
Flowers, Keith Belize Exclusive Cotton Tree Village ,Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo 629-5129 [email protected]
Reyes, Ernesto Crew Ship Taxi General Delivery ,Teakettle Village ,Cayo 653-8538
Garcia, Agustin Freelance #1 Lamanai Street ,Cayo ,Cayo 615-3156 [email protected]
Choco, Javier Michael Freelance New Area Trapiche ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Choco, Gregaretta Chukka #8 Caladium Street ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 666-8054 [email protected]
Garcia, Abel Ruano Upside Down Tours Armenia Village ,Cayo District ,Cayo 634-5385 [email protected]
Bol, Hector Ezekiel Maya Walk Tours Armenia Village ,Cayo , 5016366573 [email protected]
Manzanero, Eric Raul Belize Family Adventures Jose Marti Street ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo 628-0638 [email protected]
Gamez, Emil Freelance #13 Melhado Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 6733076 [email protected]
Medrano, Elmer Rene Belize Inland Tours General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 634-5384 [email protected]
Zuniga, Jamir Renato Freelance Granadillo Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 623-5095 [email protected]
Tzib, Abimael Abraham Belize Family Adventure General Delivery ,Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo
Cambranes, Cruz Efrain The San Ignacio Resort Hotel 33 Cabbage Bark st. San Ignacio ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Mesh, Ernest James Natural Wonders Expedition General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 666-3385 [email protected]
Tzib, Patrick Edgar blancanuex Lodge General Delivery ,Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo 623-8610 [email protected]
Guerra Sr., Luis Alberto Freelance General Delivery ,Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo
Barrera, Rudy Freelance Teakettle Village ,Cayo ,Cayo
Mess, Hilario Felix Kinich Ahau Cave Tubing Tours General Delivery ,Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo 676-1109 [email protected]
Coc, Alroy Pedro Cave's Branch Outpost #2 St. Paul Street ,Belmopan ,Cayo 653-9894
Esperanza Village Cayo " [email protected]
Mendez, Manuelito De Jesus X-stream tours 43 St. Joseph Street ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Reymundo, Franciso Omar Freelance #91 Riverside Street ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo 608-8369 [email protected]
Mar, Hector F. Arturo Freelance 75 Allen Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo District 665-2508 [email protected]
Garbutt Jr., Albert Anthony Freelance 50 Young Street ,Roaring Creek Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Cao Cayo Belize" 666-2797 [email protected]
Aguirre, Fernando Edward Alfaro General Delivery ,Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo 662-7149 [email protected]
Perez, Tracey Sabrina CHUKKA 89 Vernon Street ,Belize City ,Belize
Martinez, Marvin Ian Anderson Caves Branch Jungle Lodge General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Cruz, Elias Aaron Rico Black Teakettle Village ,Cayo ,Cayo 665-5425 [email protected]
Deras, Omar Antonio freelance Mile 32 Hummingbird Highway ,Cayo , 623-6239 [email protected]
August, Artemio Amin Green Belize Adventures #82 George Price Avenue ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 660-5625 [email protected]
Garcia, Elmer Estuardo Chukka Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo ,Cayo 6053949
Cruz, Miguel Marcelino CHUKKA General Delivery ,St. Matthew's Village ,Cayo 607-1099 [email protected]
Aviles, Emilio Bocawina General Delivery ,St. Mathew's Village ,Cayo 6755656
Lucas, Oscar Amilcar Vitalino Reyes Mile 37 George Price Highway ,St. Matthew's Village ,Cayo
Puc, Edgar Orlando Kaatz Kitz Maya Tours George Price Street ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo 622-8608 [email protected]
Martinez, Carlitos Camilo Chukka 39 Miles George Price Highway ,Cayo District , 628-8083
Montes Jr., Fidelio H. Belizeing Adventure and Nature Travel Eduardo Juan Street ,Santa Elena ,Cayo 6151242 [email protected]
Ramirez, Jorge Alberto VIV Mile 32 george price highway ,St. Mathews Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Loague, Peter Emmanuel Freelance General Delivery ,Georgeville Village ,Cayo 651-6521
Garcia, Geraldo Amilcar Blancaneaux Lodge 7 miles Mountain Pine Ridge Road ,Cayo ,Cayo 661-2874 [email protected]
Lamb, Daren Michael The Lodge at Chaa Creek #20 18th Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 622-4389 [email protected]
De Leon, Jorge David Freelance #27 7th Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 601-5656 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Edwin Armando Edwin's Belize Adventure Tours #9 Santa Teresa Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 677-1284 [email protected]
Gross, Marco Arthur Freelance Hills of Promise ,Cayo , 623-4425 [email protected]
Cambranes, Elias Katun Ahaw Tours #9 Eleventh Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 824-2661 [email protected]
Rosado, Leonidez Belize Family Adventure General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Ruiz, Israel Jason Herrera General Delivery ,Camalote Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Caal Jr., Pedro Vitalina Reyes General Delivery ,Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo
Awe, Manuel Alberto Pacz Tours Joseph Andrew Drive ,San ignacio , Cayo
Garcia, Selmo Xplore Inland Tours #63 Kontiki Area ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 662-7184 [email protected]
Flores, Selim Harrison Freelance Cristo Rey Road ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Pivaral, Saul Antonio h2O Tierra 23 Mamiapple Street ,Belmopan City ,Cayo [email protected]
Mai, Calbert Godwin GAIA River Lodge General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 664-7031 [email protected]
Martinez, David Bruce H2O Tierra Kiwi Drive ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Belmopan Teakettle Village Cayo" 663-1005 tropical [email protected]
Gamero Jr., Mario Rojer Radisson Hotel & Marina #6 Orchid Garden St. Eco Village ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 6345404 [email protected]
Solomon, Elias Manuel Calico Jack's 7 miles ,Cayo ,Cayo 625-2324 [email protected]
Cadle, Vince Paul Pacz Tours Oscar Sibado Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 661-7701
Fernandez, Jovanni Freelance 28 Figuero Street ,Santa Ignacio Town ,Cayo 620-2116 [email protected]
Martinez, Israel Belize Paradise Tours General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 650-7903
Coh, Virgilio Chac Mol's Tour General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 651-4011 [email protected]
Cassasola, Tanisha Marie Chukka 44 Another World Ext. ,Roaring Creek Village ,Cayo 628-6558 [email protected]
Guevara, Arnol Roberto Ian Andersons Cave Branch General Delivery ,St. Margaret's Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Young, Marsha Yvette Belize Caribbean Tours General Delivery ,Georgeville Village ,Cayo 615-7868 [email protected]
Ruiz, Victor Manuel Vitalino Reyes Mahogany Street ,Camalote Village ,Cayo
Medrano, Vidail freelance General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 636-0915 [email protected]
Arevalo, Melvin Alexander Freelance 7 Miles ,Cayo District ,Cayo 628-1015 [email protected]
Lobos, Luis Alfredo Via Venture San Jose Estate ,Bullet Tree Village ,Cayo 667-8910 [email protected]
Canto, Jeromie Mayin CHUKKA 26st Peter Street ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 223-4438
Guzman, Jose Victor Black Rock Lodge George Price Blvd ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo 665-9444 [email protected]
Ibanez, Rony Freelance General Delivery ,St. Matthew's Village ,Cayo 668-9031
Puc Jr., Gilberto Freelance General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Panti, Edwin Arturo Freelance 6 Churchill Street ,Cayo , 624-1214 [email protected]
Martinez, Lozaro Eugenio Hide-A-Way Camp Adventure 8 1/2 mls. Hydro Road ,Benque Viejo ,Cayo 660-8076 [email protected]
Tut, Eric Jeffrey Paradise Expeditions Caracol Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 654-6199 [email protected]
Valdez, Eusebio Exotic Shore Excursion New Area Street ,San Jose Succotz ,Cayo 601-4841 [email protected]
Juan, Rodolfo Louis St. Leonards Tours San Lorenzo Farm ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo 660-1456 [email protected]
Saki, Pedro Caves Branch #1 Ma' Saan Street ,Belmopan City ,Cayo [email protected]
Avila, Edgar Arnoldo CHUKKA New Area ,Belize ,
Cisneros, Carlos Freelance General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 669-0402 [email protected]
Eliah, Meshack Hidden Valley inn 68½ mls. Benque Viejo Rd. ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 601-7053 [email protected]
Ruano, Dora Alicia Cayo Adventure Tours Santa Maria Street ,Cayo District ,Santa Elena Town 667-8966
Chiac, Oscar Sotero Freelance 46 miles hummingbird highway; General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 631-7867 [email protected]
August, John Anthony Freelance Mile 71 George Price Highway ,Cayo ,Cayo 625-7684 [email protected]
Mena, Rene Chaac mo'ol Adventure Tours General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 661-5569 [email protected]
Pineda, Fredy Antonio Black Rock lodge General Delivery ,Ontario Village ,Cayo 602-9068 [email protected]
Hernandez, David Antonio Denfield Gomez 1st Street Lot. 8B ,Cayo ,Cayo 629-4598 [email protected]
Chan, Allan Edgar Cayo Adventure Tours General Delivery ,Bullett Tree Falls ,Cayo 665-0356 [email protected]
Ixtecoc, Damian Mqariposa Jungle Lodge Mounatin Pine Ridge Rd. ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 663-0561 [email protected]
Ixtecoc, Agusto Mariposa Jungle Lodge& Tours Mountain Pine Ridge Rd. ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 669-2392 [email protected]
Chan, Lloyd Alvin Black Rock Lodge General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 662-7129 [email protected]
Green, Keino Alexander Tuff E Nuff General Delivery ,Blackman Eddy Village ,Cayo 600-4754
Navas, Justo Salvador Caves Branch Mile 32 Hummingbird Highway ,Cayo ,Cayo [email protected]
Guzman, Alexis Upside Down Tours mile 46 Hummingbird Highway ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 635-1208 [email protected]
Galdamez, Jose David Maya Guide Adventure Arizona Area ,Teakettle Village ,Cayo
Frazer, Dion Clifton Freelance 12 Trio Street ,Cayo District , 8223321
Lewis Jr., Ernesto Rico Black General Delivery ,Ontario Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Martinez, Dennis Danilo Chukka Last Street ,Teakettle Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Suntecun, Adolfo Edgar Freelance #448 A Street ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Bol, Selwyn Charlie Belize Caving Expeditions General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Choco, Adrian Freelance Bullet Tree Village ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 631-0569 [email protected]
Cisneros, Oscar Via Adventures/ Blancaneaux Lodge General Delivery ,San Antonio Village ,Cayo 6721017 [email protected]
Cruz, Diego Armando Black Rock Lodge #17- 7th Street ,Cayo ,Belize 634-9274 [email protected]
Coyoc Sr., Javier Oscar JC Inland Belize Tours #2 Coyoc Street ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 620-7932 [email protected]
Soto, Alfredo Freelance Mile 37 George Price Highway ,Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Reyes Jr., Vitalino Elmer Vital Nature & Mayan Tours Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo District , [email protected]
Gonzales, Gerson Freelance General Delivery ,Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo 627-9648 [email protected]
Enriquez, Adelso CHUKKA 32 Miles Hummingbird Highway ,Cayo District ,
Aguilar, Miguel Angel Chaa Creek Limited Flamingo Avenue ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Escobar, Julio Eberardo Ian Anderson General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 634-5395
Bennett, Kimani Ryan Caves Branch Outpost 26 Oriole Avenue ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 822-2381 [email protected]
Alas, Jaqueline Freelance Costa Rica Street ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 630-8223 [email protected]
Galvez, Avery Anthony David Gegg Roaring Creek Village ,Roaring Creek Village ,Cayo 663-7458
Martinez, Edgar Rene Freelance General Delivery ,Armenia Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Manuel, Carlos Enrique Vitalino Reyes Frank's Eddy Village ,cayo , 671-5427 [email protected]
Avilez, Alfredo Gerson Barrera General Delivery ,St. Matthews Village ,Cayo
Pop, Chester Allan Freelance Maya Mopan Village ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 822-8032 [email protected]
Cox, Shanice Ashanti Chukka Adventures Esperanza Village ,Teakettle Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Orellano, Osmond Alexander Cave Branch Outpost General Delivery ,Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo 669-6040
Ibanez, Leonel Amilcar Caves Branch Outpost Frank Eddy Village ,Cayo ,Cayo 653-2481 [email protected]
Montero, Rosa Lucia Freelance Armenia Village ,Cayo ,Cayo 630-5042 [email protected]
Chavin, Axel Osiel Freelance Mile 38 George Price Highway ,St. Matthews Village ,Cayo 651-4521 [email protected]
Batres, Julio Cesar General Delivery ,Valley of Peace Village ,Cayo 6525725
Alfaro, Gilroy Harim Belize Caving Expeditions General Delivery ,San Josè Succotz Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Puc, Elvin Emil Chukka San Josè Succotz Village ,Cayo District , [email protected]
Reyes, Moris Freelance General Delivery ,Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo 664-4363
Miranda, Jonathan Humberto Jaguar Reef General Delivery ,Camalote Village ,Cayo 601-3215 [email protected]
Henriquez, Shaid Alexander Freelance San Martin Village ,Cayo ,Cayo 627-9004 [email protected]
Briceño, Ginette Melanie Chukka #2 Saint Paul St. ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 634-5744 [email protected]
Garcia, Melvin Daniel CHUKKA 8 Armenia Village, 46 miles Hummingbird Highway ,Armenia Village ,Cayo 634-5747 [email protected]
Lewis, Zebedee Salaam Bak-A-Bush Adventure Tours #8 Zaiden Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo 634-7825 [email protected]
Caal, Haroldo CHUKKA- Baka Bush General Delivery ,Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo 669-0786 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Jose Felix Cave Branch Out post Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo ,
Puc Jr., Nazario Chukka General Delivery ,San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo
Juan, Louis Bernard Martz Farm Tree Houses Mile 71 Benque Viejo Road ,San Ignacio Town ,Belize [email protected]
Reyes, Vidal Oracio Mayan Sky Canopy Tours Valley of Peace ,Belmopan ,Cayo 661-6655 [email protected]
Lainfiesta, Jeffery Caves Branch Outpost Ontario Village ,Cayo ,Cayo [email protected]
Bolon, Arabela Freelance 627-0426
Thompson, Esteban Noel Duplooy's Jungle Lodge Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo , 824-3301 [email protected]
Gongora, Artemio Bocawina Adventures 1 Kevin Drive ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Castellanos, Mario Antonio Kin Winik Jungle Tours Bishop Martin Street ,Santa Elena Town ,Cayo mario.castellanos33[email protected]
Avila, Edgar Gian Freelance [email protected]
Bonilla, Eric Josue Spalsh Dive Center #16 Dalia st. ,Cayo District , 666-2663 [email protected]
Chuc, Pedro Maya Walk Tours 20 A Santa Maria Street Santa Cruz ,Cayo , 651-9550 [email protected]
Chan, Roni Enrique Bocawina Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo District , 627-2201 [email protected]
Ical, Zacario Florentino Alfonso Zuniga Armenia village ,Cayo ,Cayo 602-2202 [email protected]
Cus, Edna Alice Exotic Tours St. Matthews Village ,St. Matthews Village ,Cayo 615-9727 [email protected]
Carrera, Auner Neabi Ian Anderson's Cave Branch Mile 46 Hummingbird Highway ,Armenia Village , 610-1324 [email protected]
Lozano, Jorge Freelance 49 Flamingo Avenue ,San Ignacio ,Cayp [email protected]
Panti, Eder CHUKKA San Jose Succotz ,Benque Viejo ,Cayo 662-5136 [email protected]
Cus, Ellsworth Adgar Dorian Rivero Mile 39 Western Highway ,Cayo , [email protected]
Moe, Adonias Blancaneaux Lodge Cristo Rey Village ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 667-0917 [email protected]
Belisle, Barry Bonafacio Thatch Caye Resort Bullet Treet Falls ,Cayo ,Cayo 631-0409 [email protected]
Martinez, Orlando Yute Expeditions 45 Avenida St. ,Cayo , 627-0515 [email protected]
Portillo, Mario Enrique H2O Tierra Mile 46 Western Highway ,Cayo , [email protected]
Ramos, Irma Jean H2O Tierra 31 Miles George Price Highway ,Cayo District ,
Flores, Jose Manuel Natural Wonders Expedition El Progresso Village ,Cayo , 668-5922
Cucul, Charles chukkA adventure tours 9 Otoxha St, Maya Mopan ,Belmopan , [email protected]
Kuk, Ramus Chukka Bullet Tree Falls ,Cayo District , 681-5160 [email protected]
Estrada, Eddy Ka'ana Resort Castor Street, Kontiki Area ,San Ignacio , 824-2483 [email protected]
Sanchez, Vilma Elizabeth Freelance 74 BurnsAve. ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 621-1837 [email protected]
Martinez, Giovanni Maya Walk Tours Mile 46 Hummingbird Highway ,Cayo , 669-1124 [email protected]
Lobos, Jorge Alberto Black Rock Lodge Bullet Tree Falls ,Cayo , 662-7633 [email protected]
Young, Dion Michael Turneffe Flats 143 Unity Avenue ,Cayo , 650-1641
Polanco, Doni Amir CHUKKA Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo , donipole[email protected]
Manzanero, Israel Belize Adventure Group Mile 40 Hummingbird Highway ,Belmopan ,Cayo District [email protected]
Portillo, Jose Adan Belize Paradise Tours St. Matthews Village ,Cayo District , [email protected]
Martinez, James A. Ayala Natural Pool and Adventure Teakettle Village, Arizona Area ,Cayo ,Belize 635-7065 [email protected]
Tec, Raul H20 Tierra Ltd Valley of Peace ,Cayo District , 668-6635 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Jorge Alberto Freelance Frank Eddy village ,Cayo ,Belize 660-1799
Soloman, Baudilio Bocawina 7 miles ,Cayo , 660-5064
Ruano, Hugo Ismael Jeromio Tzib 7 miles el progresso village ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 631-4202 [email protected]
Jimenez, Axel Manuel Freelance 4155 Sosa Street ,Cayo , [email protected]
Moralez, Abimael Nadedge Thoms San Antonio Village ,Cayo , 663-1423 [email protected]
Oroman, Noe Exsiquiel Chukka cave tubing Mile 52 Western Highway ,Teakettle Village ,Cayo [email protected]
Thomas, Kurt Omar CHUKKA #30 3rd Street ,San Ignacio ,Cayo
Lopez, Neydy Freelance St. Matthews Village ,Cayo District , [email protected]
Coleman, Rupert Donald Exotic Tours 16 Antelope Street ,Belmopan ,Belize 6290085 [email protected]
Polanco, Dennis Amin Chukka Belize Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo ,Belize 650-3770 [email protected]
Sanchez, Eriberto Antonio Chukka Valley of Peace ,Cayo ,Belize 666-9674 [email protected]
Ortega, Jerzon Joel Sleeping Giant Lodge Caves Branch ,Cayo ,Belzie 600-4534 [email protected]
Reyes, Reuel Omar Chukka Armenia Village ,Cayo District , [email protected]
Gudiel, Brandon Ka'ana Resort 7 Miles Mountian Pine Ridge Road ,Cayo ,Belize 651-4791 [email protected]
Samayoa Jr., Antonio Chukka Mile 46 Hummingbird Highway ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Morataya, Dimas Rene Cayo Island Expedition Tour Company Santa Cruz Area ,Benque ,Cayo 622-4191 [email protected]
Pacheco, Carlitos Horacio Chukka 29 Elizabeth St ,Benque Viejo ,Cayo 628-1714 [email protected]
August, Darryl Leon Maya Walk Tours Bradley's Bank Area ,Cayo District , 664-3184 [email protected]
Tut, Victor Andy Paradise Expedition Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo ,Belize 634-5441 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Gissell Hannah's Stable Neptune St, Hillview ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Grinage Jr., Leslie Freelance Bahia Area ,Caye Caulker ,Belize 628-8063 [email protected]
Cartagena, Maria Freelance Armenia Village ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Medina, Hob Nine Eco Cultural Tours Bullet Tree Falls ,Cayo ,Belize 669-1383 [email protected]
Quintanilla, Goldborn Danilo Hamanasi Resort Calla Creek Village ,Cayo ,Belize 6634150 [email protected]
Brakeman, Michael monkey bay wildlife sanctuary mile 29 George price highway ,La Democracia Village ,Cayo 615-0015 [email protected]
Gamez, Victor John Paul Caracol Lane ,Cayo ,Cayo 662-4154 [email protected]
Lemus, Josiah Edward Belize Nine Eco Tours Bradley's Bank ,Santa Elena ,Cayo 623-9509 [email protected]
Lemus, Jeremy Matthew Belize Eco- Cultural Tours Eve Street ,Santa Elena ,Cayo [email protected]
Moh, Andee Hadid Ka'ana Resort Juanito Gongora Street ,Cayo District ,Cayo 625-2534 [email protected]
Galdamez, Wilbert Alexander Mike Place, Barton Creek El Progresso 7 Miles ,Cayo , 6678059 [email protected]
Itza, Francisco Javier Freelance San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo ,Belize 6040387 [email protected]
Hernandez, David Heriberto Belize Jungle Dome San Martin ,Belmopan ,Belize 628-0105 [email protected]
Nabet, Miguel Angel Belize Caving Expeditions, Belize Family Adventure New Area Benque Viejo ,Cayo District ,Belize 662-0506 [email protected]
Grajalez, Quely Fidelia San Ignacio Hotel 3 Park Drive Street ,Cayo , [email protected]
Magana, Roberto A. Bocawina R. Resort Valley of Peace ,Cayo ,Belize 6659381 chelea[email protected]
Hernandez, Alex Joel Blancanaux Lodge El Progresso Village 7 Miles ,Cayo ,Belize 664-6639 [email protected]
Guerra, Lenny Gilbert Perez Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo ,Belize 665-4208 [email protected]
Lopez, Victor Daniel Amigos Jungle Tours Franks Eddy ,Cayo ,Belize 669-1685 [email protected]
Caal, Lucia Freelance Franks Eddy ,Cayo ,Belize 652-7272
Mangar, Nevin Freelance 8th tul Street ,Belmopan ,Belize 662-0710 [email protected]
Prado, German David Long Island Adventures Patchakan Village ,Corozal , 627-1026 [email protected]
Tec, Claudia Del Roasario Freelance Harmony Ville Village ,Cayo ,Belize 650-1991 [email protected]
Morataya, Isaias Abimael Black Rock Lodge Santa Cruz Area ,Benque Viejo , 654-0374 [email protected]
Martinez Quijada, Walter Freelance Franks Eddy Village ,652-8307 ,602-8907 652-8307
Guerra, Arne Alan Hamanasi Resort Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo ,Belize 664-7752 [email protected]
Ibanez, Rudi Alexander Chukka St Matthew Village ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Chavin, Samgar Obed Splash Dive Center St Matthews Village Mile 37 George Price Highway ,Cayo ,Belize 6655462 [email protected]
Vasquez, Valdemar Freelance Valley of Peace ,Cayo ,Belize 669-4465 [email protected]
Castillo, Luis Fernando Freelance Mile 46 George Price Highway ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Garcia, Telma Azucena Ian Anderson caves branch Armenia Village ,Cayo ,Belize 6084169
Galicia, Walter Black Orchid resort Ontario Village ,Cayo District ,Belize 669-8228 [email protected]
Lucas, Ruben Belize Paradise Tours 38 Miles George Price Highway ,Cayo ,Belize 6208964 [email protected]
Arriaza, Jessica N Chukka St Margaret Village, humming bird highway ,cayo ,Belize 621-8128 [email protected]
Chan, Carlos Alberto CHUKKA 11 Pineapple Street ,Belmopan ,Belize 6667279
Garcia, Levi Gladilet Freelance Franks Eddy ,Cayo ,Belize 6353291 [email protected]
Juarez, Gabriel Alejandro freelance St Matthews Village ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Choj, Andy Javier Andy's Maya Expedition 10 Linda Vista Street ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Chi, Omar Carlos Backa Bush Adventure Tour Ltd. San Jose Succotz ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Garcia, Gabriel Dawin Chukka Rosewood St. Santiago Juan Layout ,Cayo ,Belize 624-6617
Paiz Jr, Sergio Explore Inland Tours Oscar Sabido Layout ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 628-7037 [email protected]
Castaneda, Steven Jungle Splash Eco Tours Eduardo Juan Street ,Cayo District ,Cayo [email protected]
Neal, Richard Baron Inland Explore Tours #10 Lily Street ,San Elena Town ,Cayo 602-4838 [email protected]
Saki, Victor chukka 4 Tyvam Ha Street ,Maya Mopan ,Cayo 654-0226 [email protected]
Poot, Zhawn C. Freelance 6 Dalia Street ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 635-4904 [email protected]
Bejerano, Kristane N. Golda Tillett 28 Trapiche Road ,Cayo ,Cayo [email protected]
Alfaro, Alyson E Freelance Benque Viejo Del Carmen ,Belize ,Belize 607-3787 [email protected]
Xis, William Arnoldo Hanna Stables calla creek village, ,Calla creek village ,Cayo xis.[email protected]
Vasquez, Jose Angel Caves Branch Outpost Mile 38 George Price Highway ,Cayo ,Belize
Quintanilla Jr, Bernabe Hamanasi Dive & Adventure Santa Cruz Area, Santa Elena ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Teul, Mario Belize Jungle Masters Camalote Village ,Cayo ,Cayo 6544348 [email protected]
Jimenez, Edeoni Bullett Tree Falls ,Cayo ,Belize 653-1016 [email protected]
Galicia, Edbin Misael Dream Valley Ontario Village ,Cayo ,Belize 668-2747 [email protected]
Flores, Ruth Maribel Mile 38 George Price Highway ,Cayo ,Belize 604-3240 [email protected]
Najera, Cristian Rene Ian Anderson Caves Branch Mile 46 Hummingbird Highway ,Cayo ,Belize 610-3282 [email protected]
Avilez, Hugo Onil Go maya 76 Burns Ave ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 600-3629 [email protected]
Garcia, Roque Ivan Black Rock Lodge Blue Hole Street ,Cayo District ,San Ignacio [email protected]
Garcia, Wilmer Orlando Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Armenia Village ,Cayo ,Cayo [email protected]
Santos, Marcos Blancaneaux Lodge San Antonio Village, Cayo ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 653-3975
Lopez, Alva Luz Chukka 27/29 Kiskadee Ave ,Belmopan ,Cayo 663-7123 [email protected]
Escalera, Odilia Erica Bzm Tours 16 B San Jose Succotz ,Cayo ,Belize [email protected]
Munoz, Ervin Henry Freelance 24 Jaguar Street ,Belmopan City ,Cayo District 601-4087 [email protected]
Smith, David Eugene Mountain Equestrian Trails Mile 8 Chiquibul Road ,Cayo ,Belize 631-8500 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Luis Antonio Long Caye Adventure Santiago Juan Layout, San Ignacio ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 664-1318 [email protected]
Segura, Emil Esmond The Lodge at Chaa Creek Limoncio Street ,Cayo District ,Belize [email protected]
Hernandez, Jose Elias Belize Jungle Masters Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo ,Belize 663-6503
Obando, Joaquin Fernando Black Rock Lodge Kon-tiki Area San Ignacio ,Cayo ,Belize 664-4093 [email protected]
Arzu, Uwani P Freelance 16 Macaw Street ,Belmopan ,Belize [email protected]
Castillo, Carlos Chukka Camalote Village ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 626-0409 [email protected]
Perdomo, Adan Eugenio CHUKKA Adventures Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo District ,Belize 651-4591
Rivas, Frank Anthony Chukka Teakettle Village ,Camalote Village ,Belize 6295842 unbelizeable[email protected]
Bustamante, Elvis Black Rock Lodge San Ignacio ,Cayo ,Belize
Chiac, Antonio Aurelio Freelance Armenia Village ,Cayo ,Belize 636-3486 [email protected]
Menjivar, Alexis Chukka Caribbean Cemetry Road ,Belmopan City ,Cayo 633-2572 [email protected]
Diaz, Rony Estuardo Jaguar Creek Lodge Armenia Village ,Cayo ,Belize 6108893 [email protected]
Mesh, Harry Ali Duplooy's Jungle Lodge San Antonio Village ,Cayo ,Belize 650-5278 [email protected]
Ramirez, Shaninie CHUKKA San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo District ,Belize [email protected]
Tzib, Jovan White Sands Diving Services San Pablo Area ,San Pedro ,Belize 607-4933 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Rudi Noe Gaia Riverlodge Ontario Village ,Cayo ,Belize 663-0542 [email protected]
Vasquez, Carlos Alfredo freelance Vallley of Peace ,Cayo ,Belize 665-6380
Chinchilla, Orlin Adali Belize Inland Tours Armenia Village ,Cayo ,Belize 634-9012 [email protected]
Chu, Geovanni Evan Pacz Tours 17 La Loma Luz Blvd ,Santa Elena ,Cayo 625-7521 [email protected]
Garcia, Walter Alexander Upside Down Tours Armenia Village 46 Miles Hummingbird highway ,Cayo ,Belize 634-5390 [email protected]
Moh, Leonardo Kukulkan villa Shawville Area ,Cayo ,Cayo 635-3097 [email protected]
Juan, Carla Minelva St. Leonard's Tours San Lorenzo Farm, Mile 71 George Price Highwa, Cayo District ,George Price Highway ,Cayo District 662-4801 [email protected]
Laurrence, Orson Mohammed Nine Belize EcoTourism Peacock St. ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 660-2524 [email protected]
Reimer, Johan M. Freelance Duck Run 1 ,Cayo ,Cayo 669-6593 [email protected]
Mis, Derick Sidney Freelance Teodoso Ochoa Street ,San Ignacio ,Cayo District [email protected]
Choc, Mario freelance #8237 MAYA MOPAN ,BELMOPAN ,CAYO 622-4305 [email protected]
Cesena, Cristian Alta Vista Street ,San Ignacia ,Cayo 636-4210 [email protected]
Martinez, Reginald Rafael 12 El Salvador Street ,Cayo District ,Belize 667-3341 [email protected]
Mai, Abias Joel Mystic River Resort San Antonio ,Cayo , 654-2984 [email protected]
Garcia, Elmer Rene Cave Branch Outpost St. Matthews ,St. Matthews Village ,Cayo 664-6225
Reyes , William Rene Exotic Eco Adventure 2 Far west Street ,San Ignacio ,Cayo [email protected]
Hernandez, Juan Antonio Chukka Teakettle Village ,Cayo District , 671-2939 [email protected]
Galdamez, Angel Daniel Freelance Penner Road ,Cayo District , 651-3994 [email protected]
Perez, Eliodoro chukka 3 Joice Blair St. ,Benque Viejo Del Carmen ,Cayo District 651-7318 [email protected]
Arana, Elmir Inair Chukka Corner of Bullettree Road, Maya Street ,Cayo District , 634-4578 [email protected]
Martinez, Carlos Alfonso John Carr Young Bank Road ,Cayo , 607-5876
Lopez, Rosa Lilian Freelance Franks Eddy Village ,Cayo , 653-2481
Salazar Jr., Hugo Enaim Green Belize Adventures [email protected]
Hernandez, Milton Rene Cave's Branch Outpost [email protected]
Arnold, Shen-Li Kadir Darah Transfers & Tours 822-2769 [email protected]
Gordon, Jeremy Lamar Freelance Che Chem ST. ,Cayo , [email protected]
Ibanez, Marvin Onel Caves Branch Outpost My Refuge Road ,Cayo , 621-3252 [email protected]
Harris, Aaron Micheal Blancaneaux Lodge Cristo Rey Village ,Cayo , 6672684
Esquivel, Rodney Ian Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Mile 39 George Price Highway ,Cayo , 6230559 [email protected]
Monzon, Jorge Freelance Cotton Tree Village ,Cayo ,Cayo 662-1836 [email protected]
Arjonilla, Fernando Domingo Yhony Rosado 5 Camalote Village ,Cayo , 650-1656 [email protected]
Peraza, Miriam Free Lance Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo , [email protected]
Hernandez, Jilberth Pook's Hill Lodge Teaketlle Village ,Cayo , 664-2495
Balderamos, Philip Marion Freelance 822-3523 [email protected]
Manzanero, Abisai Ronnel Baldemir Manzanero 7 Santiago Juan Layout ,Cayo , 666-3015 [email protected]
Melara, Carlos Roberto Bocawina Resort Kiwi Drive ,Cayo , 627-2440 [email protected]
Ixtecoc, Wilton Armenio Mariposa Jungle Lodge San Antonio Village ,Cayo , 669-2392 [email protected]
Galicia, Anselmo Maya Walk Tours Bullet Tree Falls Village ,Cayo District , [email protected]
Arevalo, Angel Ernesto Hamanasi Resort Pond Avenue, Santiago Juan Layout ,Cayo , 666-1726
Uck, Otto Rene Freelance San Jose Succotz ,Cayo , [email protected]
Garrido, Jose Alfonso Freelance Mile 7 El Progresso ,Cayo District , 6698060 [email protected]
Mar, Kevlin Elver The Lodge at Chaa Creek 75 Allen Street ,CAYO , 633-1830 [email protected]
Panti, Joseph Paul San Jose Succutz Village ,Cayo , [email protected]
Puc, Armin Audel Freelance San Jose Succotz ,Cayo , 622-6962 [email protected]
Mai, Isaal Isai Gaia River Lodge San Antonio Village ,Cayo , 651-7404 [email protected]
Cermeno, Alex E. The Lodge At Chaa Creek Pedro Guerra Mena Street ,CAYO , 636-2526 [email protected]
Quijada, Jose I Belize Audubon Society Teakettle Village ,Cayo , [email protected]
Arias, Fredi Francisco Muy'ono Management Placencia Village ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Middleton, Kadeem Gavin Freelance 6601090 [email protected]
Howe, Randolph Wilbert Blancaneaux Lodge San Antonio Village ,Cayo District , 669-7474 [email protected]
Urbina, Jonathan Ali Paradise Expedition 50 Floyd Moros Street ,Cayo District , 601-3830 [email protected]
Retana, Arlen Estafania Freelance Ontario Village ,Cayo District , [email protected]
Salam, Brian Freelance Valley of Peace ,Cayo , [email protected]
Martinez, Jose Francisco Martz Farm Treehouses & Cabanas Ltd. 8 1/2 Miles Hydro Road ,Cayo , 834-4646 [email protected]
Montgomery, Kasey Freelance [email protected]
Alfaro, Eduardo Ivan Caves Branch Jungle Lodge 661-1035 [email protected]
Paredes, Marvin Alexander Upside Down tours [email protected]
Mesh, Joeney Nicholas Freelance [email protected]
Black, Shannon Shay Andy Choj 7 Avella St ,Santa Elena ,Cayo [email protected]
Lemus, Roxanna Lorena The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center 651-7699 [email protected]
Moreno, Joshua Giovanni Mayawalk Tours United Ville Village ,Cayo , 632-1927 [email protected]
Cassasola, Selvin Nehemias Freelance Buena Vista Area; Bullet Tree Rd. ,San Ignacio , [email protected]
Garner, Moonie Grace Freelance Santa Familia Road ,Cayo ,Cayo [email protected]
Itza, Dianeli Noeli Purple Mayan San Ignacio ,Cayo ,
Mendoza, Luis Alfredo Exotic Eco Adventures Valley of Peace ,Cayo , [email protected]
Penados, Edgar Jovanie Purple Mayan San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo , [email protected]
Galicia, Hugo Blanjener Hidden Valley Inn 7 Miles Pine Ridge Road ,El Progresso village ,Cayo 664-2862 [email protected]
Gutierrez, Joshua Daniel Explore Inland Tours #4 Jah St. San Ignacio Cayo ,San Ignacio ,Cayo 626-2481 [email protected]
Quiroz Jr, Francisco Javier Self Employed Savannah Street ,Cayo , 501-627-1324 [email protected]
Galdamas, Carlos Alberto Self Employed 7 Miles El Progresso Village ,Cayo District , 501-668-6659
Tillett, Jonathan Joshua Santiago Juan Crenshaw Street ,Cayo , 501-634-8589
Ramirez, Ruberto Freelance Bish Ah Bel Street ,Cayo , 501-631-7537 [email protected]
Castellanos, Jose Angel Freelance [email protected]
McFadzean, Derrick Charles Cahal Pech Village Resort Cahal Pech Hill ,San Ignacio Town ,Cayo 501-615-7392 [email protected]
Lindo, James Albert Hannah's Stable George Price Highway ,Cayo , 6228596 [email protected]
Ku, Oscar Valentin Flamingo Avenue, San Ignacio Town ,Cayo , 670-5434 [email protected]
Godoy, Julio Ernesto Calico Jack's 7 Miles El Progresso Mountain Pine Ridge Lodge ,Cayo ,
Reyes, Nancy Freelance Mile 46 George Price Highway ,Cayo ,
Landero, Marin Laurentino Martha's Kitchen Bullet Tree Falls Village ,Cayo , [email protected]
Godoy Jr., Luis Orlando Maya Mountain Lodge San Jose Succotz ,Cayo , 627-3094 [email protected]
Cocom, Marlon Belize Family Adventures San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo District , 629-6580 [email protected]
Teck, Brandon Jesse Palapa Tours #4 Teck Street ,Cayo , [email protected]
Lamb, Kenny Hugh Rene Lizarraga Bullet Tree Road ,Cayo , 625-1144 [email protected]
Perdomo, William Enrique Madison Furniture Gallery Frank's Eddy Village ,Cayo , 6501550 [email protected]
Chi, Jaime Edito Freelance San Jose Succotz Village ,Cayo , 6078155 [email protected]
Mesh, Nair Isaias Hamanasi 652-4021 [email protected]
Balona, Tony Alexander Freelance San Antonio Village ,Cayo District , 6641835 [email protected]
Ascencio, Sandy Abigail Little Harvest Caye Armenia Village ,Cayo , 600-2663
Salazar, Jerlin Juneli Paul Guerra Camalote Young Bank Village ,Cayo , 6271717 [email protected]
Number of Tour Guides:
Corozal District Canul, Joselito Splash Wave 81 Palmar Road ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 302-0024 [email protected]
Munoz, Cesar Freelance General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 668-8313 [email protected]
Verde, Nathaniel Green Horizon Flat Fishing Primitivo Aragon Avenue ,Corozal ,Corozal 660-5340 [email protected]
Ken, Eliceo Ellis Chukka 621-5622 [email protected]
Peraza, Ricardo Rafael Valdez General Delivery ,Cayo ,
Arias, Abelito Scuba school Family Dive Center 3247 Courtney Crecsent ,Belize , 667-5546 [email protected]
Andrade, Daniel Alfonso Belize Rays Ltd. General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal District 633-1459 [email protected]
Andrade, Nelson Belize Ray Limited 7 Lagunita Street ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 663-3221
Arceo, Guillermo Jovito Belize Rays Limited General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 605-1106
Cruz, Evanier Braulio Belize Rays Ltd. #27 Verde Street ,Corozal District , 610-0886 [email protected]
Rivero, Graciliano Belize Rays Ltd. General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal [email protected]
Santiago, Samuel Exotic Eco adventures 12 Banak Street ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Sosa, Nadir Felipe Belize Rays Ltd. Halls Layout ,Corozal Town ,Corozal 610-0886
Perez, Harmin Amir Wonders of the Barrier Reef 89 Vernon Street ,Belize City ,Belize
Salazar, Macario Elio Ragamuffin Tours General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 666-0213 [email protected]
Andrade, Oswaldo Exotic General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 664-6304
Villanueva, Simon Freelance General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 662-7139 [email protected]
Arias, Everildo Freelance Bahia Puesta Del Sol ,Caye Caulker Village , 623-4989 [email protected]
Cruz , Eli Eluid Belize Rays Ltd. 192 Primitivo Aragon Street ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal
Rivero, Luis Fernando Belize Rays Ltd. 32 Santa Barbara St. ,Belize City ,Belize 635-4706 [email protected]
Verde, Ricardo Belize Rays Ltd. Caracol Street ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 601-0473 [email protected]
Cuellar, Ricardo Alonso Belize Rays Ltd. 15 McFadzean Street ,Belmopan ,Cayo 631-9324
Sedacy, Eric N. A. Gilbert Perez Main Road ,Libertad Village ,Corozal [email protected]
Verde, Exequiel Neftali Verde General Delivery ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 6508890 [email protected]
Ortega, Jeovani El Pescador Angel Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
McCulloch, Darwin Danny Central Bank of Belize General Delivery ,Ranchito Village ,Corozal 653-5716 [email protected]
Vivas, Manuel Vitalino Reyes Port Saul Area ,Corozal Town ,Belize 6540337
Lopez, Basilio Crispino RaggaMuffin Tours Front street ,Caye Caulker , 630-3675 [email protected]
Bul, Naurett Indigenous Rain Frorest Tours Northern Highway, Buena Vista ,Corozal ,Belize 652-0132 [email protected]
Canul, Luciano Freelance Sarteneja Village ,Corozal District , 663-9177
Canul, Pablito Freelance Lagunita Street ,Corozal , [email protected]
Aldana, Carlos Damian Chukka Lagoonita Street Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 651-2297 [email protected]
Perez, Adrian Luiji Liberty Tours Primitivo Aragan Street ,Corozal District , 652-8587 [email protected]
Fabro, Felipe Antonio Exotic Shore Excursions Calcutta Village ,Corozal ,Belize [email protected]
Canti, Sipriano BFREE Golden Stream ,Toledo , 663-6900 [email protected]
Miralda, Melva Emily Bacab Eco Park San Victor ,Corozal District , 628-9756 [email protected]
Botes, Roberto Rijel Belize Fun Tours San Narciso Village ,Corozal ,Belize 624-5558 [email protected]
Herrera Jr., Francisco Javier Freelance Buena Vista Village ,Corozal Town ,Corozal 664-2520 [email protected]
Perez, Benedicto Carlos Ayala Cenotito Street ,Corozal District , [email protected]
Castellanos, Nahabi Exotic Sarteneja ,Corozal ,Belize 633-0844
Castillo, Hugo A. Richard's Adventures Mangrove Street ,Corozal District , 629-2362 [email protected]
Cruz, Marcelo Mitchel Belize Rays Ltd. Chiwa Street ,Corozal District , 671-1184 [email protected]
Ortega, Indalecio Luminar Fly Spiny Lobster St. ,Corozal , [email protected]
Rivero, Edsel Belize Rays Ltd. & Starfish Island Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 6512482 [email protected]
Guifarro, Cesar Adolfo Exotic Eco Adventure Chiwa Street ,Corozal , 6615487 [email protected]
Canul, Arnold Roman Belize Rays Ltd. Sarteneja Vilage ,Sarteneja Village ,Corozal 653-2615 [email protected]
Munoz , Eliezer Muy'ono Adventures Placencia village ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Heredia, Miguel Angel Exotic Shore Excurtion 6642038 [email protected]
Morales, Abner Asael Tourism Auto Transport San Narciso Village ,Corozal , 601-7411 [email protected]
Campos, Prudencio Turneffe Island Resort 3rd Avenue 4th Street ,Corozal ,
Novelo, Luis Roberto Huracan Diving 35 Xiabe Village ,Corozal District , 403-5013 [email protected]
Martinez, Jamal Rudolph Eco Tours Libertad Village ,Corozal ,Corozal 662-0862
Munoz, Elioenai Dariel Freelance South Street ,Corozal , 608-8812
Espinoza, Said Azir Tropical Paradise Hotel and Resturant Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 633-1350 [email protected]
Andrade, Yorkaev Nelzinio Freelance Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 652-0858
Arjona, Jordi Jeider Ricardo Bishop Hopkins Street ,Corozal , 633-1217 [email protected]
Solis, Ronaldo Adonay Florencio Marine Street ,Corozal , 661-1725 [email protected]
Ordonez, Kyron Gonzalo Sarteneja Village ,Corozal District , 635-9516
Verde, Jemayel Primitivo Aragon Avenue ,Corozal , 653-2863 [email protected]
Arjona, Vivianey Ismenia Bishop Hopkins Street ,Corozal , 6070082 [email protected]
Palmero, Merci A Jennifer Chapman Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 633-1454
Verde, Estephanie Itzel Pueblo Nuevo Street ,Corozal , 6630923 [email protected]
Ortega, Eduardo M Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 6341479 [email protected]
Munoz, Nadieska Yasminda Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 630-6198 [email protected]
Allen, Nallive E Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 6668323 [email protected]
Allen, Esley Irwin Freelance Sarteneja village ,Corozal , [email protected]
Meighn, Hendicot Ernesto Samos Street ,Corozal , [email protected]
Rodriguez, Teodoro Wilfrido Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 6654159
Verde, Jomael F. Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 6503477 [email protected]
Graham, Neison Abdel Carlos Cruz Street ,Corozal , 632-8204 [email protected]
Canul, Abisai Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 669-8267 [email protected]
Carrera, Raul Joel Ramon Village Resort Poison Wood Street ,Corozal , 6372401 [email protected]
Number of Tour Guides:
Offshore Islands North Cunningham, Hugh K Itza Lodge 186 Sunrise Trail Blvd Long Caye ,Lighthouse Reef ,Belize 666-9728 [email protected]
Number of Tour Guides:
Orange Walk District Reyes, Amir Reyes & Sons Tours 15 Tower Hill ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 322-3327 [email protected]
Vellos, Fidencio Valdemar Exotic Tours Tower Hill ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 669-5614 [email protected]
Chan, Carlos Gustavo Freelance San Estevan Village ,Orange Walk District , [email protected]
Cadle, Errol George Lamanai Eco Tours Ltd. 49 miles Philip Goldson Highway ,Orange Walk Town ,Carmelita Village [email protected]
Novelo, Herminio Freelance 20 Lovers Lane ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Novelo, Gilberto Lucio Lamanai Eco Tours 20 Lover's Lane ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 6339283 [email protected]
Romero, Luis Felipe Chan Chich Lodge August Pine Ridge Village ,Orange Walk District , [email protected]
San Pedro Town Belize" 226-3082 [email protected]
Godoy, Jose Carlitos Lamanai Eco Tours Ltd. #38 Honey Camp Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk
Montejo Jr., Jose Belize Caribbean tours #24 Royal Palm Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Peters, Colin Andrew Errol Cadle General Delivery ,Tower Hill Village ,Orange Walk 6291124
Avila, Julian Emil Lamanai Belize Tours Corner Liberty Avenue and Unity Street ,Orangee Walk ,Orange walk 6657497 [email protected]
Arevalo, Ruben Lamanai Outpost Lodge General Delivery ,Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk 672-2000 [email protected]
Manzanilla, Blanca Estrella Lamanai Outpost Lodge General Delivery ,Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk 670-3578 [email protected]
Aguilar, Mauricio Alberto Exotic Tours General Delivery ,Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk 651-0339 [email protected]
Howells, Mark Lamanai Outpost Lodge General Delivery ,Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk 672-2000 [email protected]
Cruz, Benjamin Rafael Mystic River Resort Lomas Del Rodeo ,Cayo ,Orange Walk 664-2408 [email protected]
Lino, Pastor Ignacio Freelance 6 Rain Tree Drive ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 6108188 [email protected]
DeLeon, Edgar Pablo Vitalino Reyes Chunox Village ,Corozal ,Corozal
Rivers, Reuel Aamir CHUKKA #3 Price Avenue ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 302-3892 [email protected]
Usher, Elvis O'Brian Errol Cadle #9 La Aurora Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 668-2339 [email protected]
Lucas, Pablo De la Cruz Altournative Belize Services General Delivery ,Douglas Village ,Orange Walk 665-7804 [email protected]
Garcia, Eduardo Abraham Lamanai Eco Tours Santa Maria Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 302-3798 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Freddie V. Programme for Belize East San Martin Street ,Trial Farm Village ,Orange Walk 3230011 [email protected]
Calderon Jr., Nathaniel Lamanai Eco Tours Ltd. #6 Santa Elena Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 661-5939 [email protected]
Gongora, Deland Alexander Denise Ockey #2 Guadaloupe Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Avila, Javier Junior Lamanai Belize Tours Liberty Avenue ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 605-3887 [email protected]
Valdez, Melvis Orlando Programme for Belize San Felipe Village ,Orange Walk ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Roberts, Alberto Aldo Ubrina Tower Hill ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Ramirez, Marvin Jeovani Hidden Valley Inn Cotton Alley ,Orange Walk District ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Ramirez, Rudy Ivan Black Orchid Resort Trial Farm Village ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk [email protected]
De Leon, Roy Arnulfo Vitalino Reyes 56 Progresso Street ,San Estevan Village ,Orange Walk 666-2893
Novelo, Manuelito M. Belize Horse & Carriage Tours #47 San Narciso Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Dawson, Carla Chukka 75 San Victor Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 622-1089 [email protected]
Monterosa, Herman CHUKKA 108 Dr Cuellar Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange walk District 615-7803 [email protected]
Orange Walk Orange Walk Town Orange Walk" 662-5153 [email protected]
Roca, Davon Duane Tourism Auto Transport #4 Pomona Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 663-7274 [email protected]
Blanco, Levy Ruben Chan Chich Lodge Chan Chich Lodge ,Orange Walk District , 6297651 [email protected]
Martinez, Eric Anderson Olfert and Sons Boat Services Tower Hill ,Orange Walk , 604-6156
Pop, Virginio H2O Tierra San Martin Area ,Cayo , [email protected]
Tepaz, Emicel Yousef Sea Sports Belize #42 Liberty Avenue ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 6317213 [email protected]
Cantùn, Jenny Indira Jenny Cantun General Delivery ,Yo Creek Village ,Orange Walk 303-2045 [email protected]
Bol, Valentino Freelance Carmelita Village ,Orange Walk , [email protected]
Manzanilla, Raul Juan Lamanai Outpost Lodge General Delivery ,Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk 672-2000 [email protected]
Estrella, Jorge Belize Caribbean Tours #26 St. Peter's Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk 223-0801 [email protected]
Sosa, Abner Ivan Marcia Garcia General Delivery ,Yo Creek Village ,Orange Walk District 6660893
Alonzo, Dionicio Lamanai Eco Tours Tower Hill ,Orange Walk Town ,Orange Walk [email protected]
Chan, Brian Nigel Caribbean Adventures San Estevan Village ,Orange Walk , 631-0344 [email protected]
Martinez, Adrian Omar Rabbert Galroy 5 Gristock Street ,Orange Walk Town ,Belize [email protected]
Roberts, Evelyn Ecological Tours & Services Tower Hill Village ,Orange Walk , [email protected]
Tuyub, Pedro Antonio CHUKKA San Jose Palmar ,Orange Walk ,Belize 661-7956 [email protected]
Aragon, Adolfo Delmar Coral Breeze Adventure Tours San Ramon Rio Hondo ,Orange Walk ,Belize [email protected]
Meza, Alvaro Issac CHUKKA 44 Guadalupe Street ,Orange Walk ,Belize [email protected]
Trapp, Jade Yasmin Exotic shore Excursions Santa Familia ,Orange Walk ,Belize 623-1805 [email protected]
Tillett, Andrew Jason Lamanai Eco Adventures Cor Cristock and Pasadita Street ,Orange Walk ,Belize [email protected]
Cadle, Aida Leide Lamanai Eco Tours Ltd. 3 Icaiche Street ,Orange Walk District , 632-7214 [email protected]
Moralez, Tyron Javier Cruise Solution Tower Hill ,Orange Walk ,Belize 608-0523 [email protected]
Quijano, Roque C Lamanai Landings Hotel and Marina Tower Hill Village ,Orange Walk ,Belize 637-0759 [email protected]
Carcamo, Jose A. Freelance Yo Creek Village ,Orange Walk ,Belize [email protected]
Garcia, Andy Jermani Chukka Tate street ,Orange Walk ,Belize [email protected]
Sosa, Roberto Arturo Vitalino Reyes Corner Riverside and Gravel lane ,Orange Walk ,Belize 605-5785 [email protected]
Gongora, Araceli Exotic Tours San Jose Palmar Village ,Orange Walk ,Belize 302-2523 [email protected]
Gomez, Rene Nefi Nephi Lamai Belize Tours #5 Trinidad st. ,Orange Walk ,Belize 670-8985 [email protected]
Adolphus, Melvin Martin Chukka 106 San Lorenzo Housing Site ,Orange Walk ,Belize 629-8941 [email protected]
Diaz, Leonardo Belize Fun Tours East of San Martin Village ,Orange Walk Town ,Belize [email protected]
Blanco, Nelson Gilberto Perez Yo Creek ,Orange Walk ,Belize [email protected]
Ramirez, Gerson Lamanai Outpost Lodge Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk ,Belize 6722000 [email protected]
Orange Walk Belize" 672-2000 [email protected]
Orange Walk Belize" 672-2000 [email protected]
Orange Walk Belize"
Orange Walk Belize" 672-2000 [email protected]
Guzman, Vidal Chan Chich Lodge San Felipe Village ,Orange Walk ,Belize 6341363 [email protected]
Orange Walk Belize" 672-2000 [email protected]
Santos, Artemio Lamanai Outpost Lodge Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk ,Belize 672-2000 [email protected]
Orange Walk Belize" 672-2000 [email protected]
Ku, Jose Freelance Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk ,Belize 660-0562
#83 Buena Vista Vill Orange Walk Belize" 6301246 [email protected]
Roca, Tamika Madona #15 Sapodilla Street ,Orange Walk ,Belize 633-0552 [email protected]
Roberts, Edgar Freelance Tower Hill Village ,Orange Walk District , 6658165
Vellos, Alfredo Lamanai Eco Tours Carmelita Village ,Orange Walk ,Orange Walk 665-3123 [email protected]
Avila, Ian Feliciano Lamanai Belize Tours Corner Liberty Avenue and Unity Street ,Orange Walk ,Orange walk 634-5090 [email protected]
Lopez, Raymundo CHUKKA Douglas Village ,Orange Walk Town ,
Urbina, Trevor Benancio Lamanai Eco Tours San Fransisco ,Orange Walk , 322-2243
Flores-Corado, Eva Marita Tom Tillet 167 Belize Corozal Road ,Orange Walk , 610-4109 [email protected]
Carnegie, Edelmira Reina Tom Tillet 5 Gristock Street ,Orange Walk Town , [email protected]
Jacobs, Erolyn Lorraine Belize Blue Morpho Tours and Services 92 Liberty Ave. ,Orange Walk District , [email protected]
Novelo, Abner Manuel Belize Horse and Carriage 47 San Narciso St. ,orange Walk , [email protected]
Pena, Elmer Isai Exotic- Shore Excursions Chan Pine Ridge Village ,Orange Walk , [email protected]
Chan, Brett Micheal Freelance San Estevan Village ,Orange Walk , [email protected]
Benavidez, Roseli Exotic Eco Adventures 607-2132 [email protected]
Moralez, Doris Sulema Exotic Shore Excursions Tower Hill ,Orange Walk ,
Ramirez, Christian Darrell Lamanai River Tours Indian Church Village ,Orange Walk , 672-2000 [email protected]
Lino, Gregorio Ignacio Lamanai River Tours 608-0864 [email protected]
Martinez, Luis Gabriel Exotic Eco Adventures Chan Pine Ridge ,Orange Walk , 629-8833 [email protected]
Campos, Shalinie Yelitza Exotic Shore Excursions Ltd. #6 St. Georges Caye St. ,Orange Walk , [email protected]
Mantar, Rosa Linda Trail Farm Villages ,Orange Walk , [email protected]
Ruiz, Luis Alfredo Exotic Shore Excursions Tower Hill ,ORANGE WALK ,
Campos, Jairo Zadir CSFI 6 St. Georges Caye Street ,Orange Walk District , 653-6866 [email protected]
Chin, Jessypher Michelly Mr. Tom Tillett 50 San Juan Alley ,Orange Walk District , [email protected]
Baeza, Miguel Angel Belize Fun Tours 11 Sylvestre Street ,Orange Walk District , 630-9861 [email protected]
Novelo, Vladimir Alexander Chukka 20 Loner Lane ,Orange Walk District , 600-3640 [email protected]
Iglesias, Shana Ashanti Exotic Shore Excursion Guinea Grass Village ,Orange Walk District , 6265737 [email protected]
Rosado, Melina Sarita Nephi Lamanai Belize Tours 5 Trinidad Street ,Orange Walk District , [email protected]
Patt, Edir Chukka San Estevan Village ,Belize ,Orange Walk District [email protected]
Rodriguez, Kelly Chukka 108 Dr. Cuellar Street ,Orange Walk District , 629-6286 [email protected]
Moore, Dinziel Freelance Carmelita Village ,Orange Walk District , [email protected]
Roberts, Cesar Rabbert Garroy Tower Hill Village ,Orange Walk District , [email protected]
Novelo, Lizany Shamira Exotic Eco Adventures Yo Creek Village ,Orange Walk , 6346617 [email protected]
Chan, Akcer Braynner Exotic Eco Tours Adventure San Francisco St ,Orange Walk , 620-7326 [email protected]
Quintanilla, Ronier Sarteneja Village ,Corozal , 6364158
Number of Tour Guides:
Placencia Cabral, Daniel Leopold Whipray Caye Fishing Lodge General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 523-3336 [email protected]
Leslie, Bernard Ocean Motion Tours General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 523-3162 [email protected]
Reyes, Elton C Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann creek 523-3161
Godfrey, Dale Stuart Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek
Faux, Leslie Garreth Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 663-7095 [email protected]
Castellanos, Wayne Freelance Trillium Street ,Stann Creek District , 661-1151 [email protected]
Shal, Florencio Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Godfrey, Rhawn Go Sea Tours General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek
Villanueva, Randolph J. Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Cabral, Julian Dean freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Young, Hubert Henry Joy Tours General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 503-3135 [email protected]
Leslie Sr., Rene T Placencia Eagle Ray Tours General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 662-0782 [email protected]
Leslie Sr., Mervin E MOTHER NATURE TROPIC HOTEL ,SONNY'S RESORT Mail Road , Placencia ,Stann Creek District
Young, Dwayne Rafael Joy TOURS General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 600-8079 [email protected]
Shivers, Darmin G Captain Jak's [email protected]
Villanueva Jr., Rafael Roberts Grove Big Falls Village ,Toledo ,Stann Creek 622-2598 [email protected]
Williams, Alfred Eric Freelance Delaney Ave. ,Independence Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Lopez, Sidney Clarence Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek
Lopez, Stephen C Francisco Linarez General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 653-5633 [email protected]
Gongora, Prince C Sea Horse General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 662-4646 [email protected]
Teul, Bernardo Belize Dream Resort General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Leslie, Leopold Walter Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek
Petillo, Bryan A. Island Expeditions General Delivery ,Seine Bight Village ,Belize 667-5277 [email protected]
Carr, Edwin David Freelance Blue Crab Beach Lagoon Rooms ,Stann Creek District ,Stann Creek 523-3563 [email protected]
Westby, Lloydia Lillian Placencia Village Ferry General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 503-3073 [email protected]
40 Lari Beya Resort Placencia Village Stann Creek " 664-4244 [email protected]
Westby, Jason Robert Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Vernon, Ian Patrick Go Sea Main Street ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek
Cain, Jermaine Anthony Freelance Westby Estate ,Stann Creek District ,Belize 223-2746 [email protected]
Mes, Zeferino Freelance Independence Village ,Stann Creek District ,Stann Creek [email protected],
Alvarado, Francisco Javier Turtle Inn #6 George Price Blvd. ,Benque Viejo Town ,Cayo [email protected]
Leslie, Doren Albert Splash Dive Center General Delievry ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Garcia, Leopold Freelance Main Street ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Westby, Zane Roy Turtle Inn Resort General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 503-3158 [email protected]
Neal, Harold Percival Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Eiley, Kenroy Patrick Conrad Villlanueva General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 523-3124 [email protected]
Leslie, Ainsworth Russell Dana Eiley 200 King Street ,Independence Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Garcia, Linda Leonie Freelance Lester Richard Ext. ,Stann Creek ,Stann Creek 671-5807 [email protected]
Foreman, Eric Ronald Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Mayen, Kirk Owen Freelance General Delivery ,Stann Creek ,Belize 665-2247 [email protected]
Garbutt Jr., Gilbert Trip N Trade General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Pollard, Nick Cleveland Turtle Inn Resort General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 523-3133 [email protected]
Young, Shawn Michael Pirate's Point Adventure Tours (Harvest Caye) General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Williams, Andre Evan Freelance Corner Craboo Street/ Delaney Ave. ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Neal, Hubert Owen Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 624-5236 [email protected]
Coc, Diego Moorings Belize Limited Leslie Street ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Garbutt, Kylon Burton D- Tourz General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Young, Stephen Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 604-9304 [email protected]
Herrera Jr., Miguel A. Freelance General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Mendoza, Pablo Anibal Ambergis Divers 610-2456 [email protected]
Spang, Lyra H. Self Employed PT Placencia ,Stann Creek ,Belize 664-8699 [email protected]
Burgess, Elroy O. Taste Belize Tours #2 Cere Street ,Placencia ,Belize [email protected]
Santos, Dan Frank International Zoological Expedition (IZE) Sarawee Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 622-0998 [email protected]
Betancourt, Marisha Belize Under Water Placencia ,Placencia ,Belize [email protected]
Leslie Jr., Bernard Ocean Motion Guide Service Placencia ,Placencia ,Belize 523-3162 [email protected]
Cabral, Melissa M. Jeff Scott Maine Street ,Stann Creek ,Belize [email protected]
Leslie Jr., Mervin Elsworth Freelance Placencia ,Placencia ,Belize [email protected]
Neal, Amir K Freelance Placencia ,Placencia ,Belize [email protected]
Ipina, Orlin R. Sea Horse Dive Shop Independence Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 629-0526 [email protected]
Leslie, Norman Sand and Sea Placencia Adventures Placencia ,Stann Creek ,Belize 636-5154 [email protected]
Ical, Basilio The Placencia Hotel Maya Beach, Placencia ,Stann Creek ,Belize [email protected]
Franco, Avelino freelance Main Street ,Stann Creek ,Placencia [email protected]
Boo, Oscar Miramar Apartments General Delivery ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Cabral, Martin Rhawn Freelance 654-6223 [email protected]
Gabourel, Jonathan A. Freelance [email protected]
Hernandez, Kendis R. Placencia Eagle Ray Tours General Delivery ,Stann Creek , 601-8216 [email protected]
Young, Benjamin C. Freelance [email protected]
Leslie, Matthew Freelance Placencia ,Placencia ,
Herrera, Jason Alexander Self Employed 615-8059 [email protected]
Tush, Hilario Sunnyside Tours [email protected]
Fletes, Andres Splash Dive Center Bella Vista Village ,Toledo , [email protected]
Sanchez, Eldon Anthony Freelance 16 Side Walk ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Buller, Mark Anthony Turtle Inn Resort Famboyant Avenue Independence ,Stann Creek District ,
Shal, Elesario Muy-uno Tour and Adventure Santa Rosa ,Stann Creek District , [email protected]
Diaz, Emelio Turtle Inn Main Street ,Stann Creek , 523-3302 [email protected]
Cal, Renato Turtle Inn 625-9560 [email protected]
Sanchez, Floria Rebeca Freelance [email protected]
Linares, Ylman Sandir Turtle Inn Resort 620-3874 [email protected]
Aldana, Walter Giovanny Freelance Seine Beight Village ,Stann Creek ,
Martinez, Javier Eugene Turtle Inn Resort 635-9908 [email protected]
Morales, Joshua Akim Splash Dive Center Placencia Village ,Stann Creek , 631-9533 [email protected]
Hamilton, Henry A Freelance Placencia Bay ,Stann Creek , 615-4809 [email protected]
Tuario, Vinicio Los Porticos Villas Craboo Landing ,Stann Creek , 601-3111 [email protected]
Spence, Khimar Evan Freelance Westby Sidewalk ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Dacoff Jr., Peter Brandon Self Employed Bile Up Street ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Villanueva, Fedrito Belize Audubon Society 628-1367 [email protected]
Henderson, Deshawndre Placencia Village ,Stann Creek , 662-8290 [email protected]
Cal, Nazario Panthon Tropic Air 633-3614 [email protected]
Turner, Thorman Tee Fred Arbona
Number of Tour Guides:
San Pedro Leslie, Martin Freelance Lagoon Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 620-1332 [email protected]
Paz, Nestor Rene Amigos Del Mar mangrove Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3576 [email protected]
Bradley, Rene Victoria House/ Fantasea Water Sports Nurse Shark St. ,Belize , 610-3929 [email protected]
Guerrero, Severo Self-employed Nurse Shark Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 633-2428 [email protected]
Gutierrez, Francisco Freelance Angel Coral Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 206-2296
Stuart, Rendel Oliver Corona Del Mar #37A DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-4303 [email protected]
Guerrero, Justiniano Freelance/Self Employed 49 Barrier Reef Dr. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 600-8428 [email protected]
Marin, Marco Self-employed Mosquito Coast Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 2263773 [email protected]
Bradley, Roberto Self Employed #1 Seagull Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 628-3059 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Gil Freelance Beachfront Boca Del Rio Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 629-7783
Graniel Sr., Erlindo Self Employed 2 Black Coral. St. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2221
Bradley, Jacinto Victoria House Nurse Shark St. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 604-4892 [email protected]
Marin, Enrique Go Fish Belize Friget Bird Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 661-2735 [email protected]
Nunez, Gilberto Cruz Cenary Cove Escalante Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 605-5891 [email protected]
Bradley Sr., Selwyn Dalinda Guerrero Boca Del Rio ,San Pedro Town ,Ambergris Caye 600-5737
Bradley, Leonardo Victoria House #70 Laguna Dr. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 628-7299 [email protected]
Guerrero, Abel Self Employed 14 Barrier Reef Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2043
Rivero, Antonio Amigos Del Mar Seagull St. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2648
San Pedro Town Belize" 226-3772
Graniel, Mario Nestor Freelance Mangrove Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 635-0805 [email protected]
Arceo, Omar Wilfredo Freelance Coconut Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Acosta, Hilberto S. Freelance 45 Laguna Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 206-2365 [email protected]
Leslie, Wilfred Self-employed Coconut Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 610-0988 [email protected]
Leslie Sr., Phillip F. Tuff Enuff 59 Laguna Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2693 [email protected]
Alamilla , Juan Diodoro Freelance Pescador Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2009
Brown Sr., Eduardo Freelance Puffer Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2827 [email protected]
Eiley Sr., Vince Edward Self Employed DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Flota, Alonzo Amigos Del Mar El Pescador Resort ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 236-5023 [email protected]
Paz, Tomasito El Pescador Sting Ray Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 2262061
Villanueva, Allan Placencia Wildside Adventures Placencia Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize
Bradley, George Victoria House P.O BOX 200 ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2179 [email protected]
Dawson, Vincent El Pescador San Juan Area ,San Pedro ,Belize 667-4782
Graniel, Erlindo A. Selfemployed Coconut Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3136 [email protected]
Brown, Jesus Ramon Freelance Jewfish Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 2062270 [email protected]
San Pedro Town Belize" 226-2729
Lima, Edgar Alexander Amigos Del Mar San Marcos Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 660-8151 [email protected]
San Pedro Town Belize" 226-2092
Nah, Daniel Miguel Self Employed San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Guerrero, Juan Ramon Freelance Ambergris Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2325
Nuñez, Daniel Obet Freelance Boca Del Rio Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2314 [email protected]
Alamilla, Herman Cayo Espanto Marina Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Eiley, Alexander Self Employed San Paldo Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Stevens, Ashworth Freelance #103 Grand Baymen ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Marin, Abner Amir Go Fish Belize Boca Del Rio, Beach Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3121 [email protected]
Greer, Elbert White Sands Dive Shop 6 Miles North ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 6265084 [email protected]
Bladon Sr., Horace G. Felicity Sailing DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 637-5014 [email protected]
Bradley, Alberto Self-Employed DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2608
Coc, Juan TREC Sea Grape Drive ,Belize , 665-5883 [email protected]
Marin, Prisciliano Edgar Go Fish San Pablo Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 604-8217 [email protected]
Valdez, Honorio Freelance #2 Seagull St. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2539 [email protected]
Perez, Jose Luis Freelance Laguna Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2617 [email protected]
Nunez, Jose Andres Freelance San Andres Area ,corozal ,Belize
Acosta, Mario R. El Pescador Lodge Jewfish Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 601-6591 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Carlos Self Employed Puffer Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Azueta, Manuel Jesus Self Employed #4 Laguna Drive boca del rio area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2709 [email protected]
Badillo , Geraldo Self employed 55 Laguna Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Bowen Sr., Steve Freelance San Mateo ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 627-7338 scubastevebelize[email protected]
Eiley, George Kenneth Self Employed Deer Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Badillo, Juanito Playa Blanca Beach Villas San Pablo Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3104 [email protected]
Marin, Arely Gonzalez Self Employed Mosquito Coast Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Acosta, Antonio R. Go Fish Belize Lagoon Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 662-2692 [email protected]
San Pedro Town Belize" 610-2537 [email protected]
Navidad, Ruben Adolfo Neptune's Cove Dive Shop DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 610-4012 [email protected]
Graniel, Rosendo Caribbean Breeze Tours Black Coral St ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 622-1548 [email protected]
Valladarez, Edgar Sea*rious Adventures Glitter Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
San Pedro Town Belize" [email protected]
Cabral, Ched Maurice Self-employed Dolphin Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2538 [email protected]
Ramirez, Herman N. Captain Morgans Buena Vista #5 ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Ack, Geraldo El Pescador #8 Seaweed Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 628-1799
San Pedro Town Belize" 629-0908 [email protected]
Williams, Elroy Elvis Aqua Scuba Belize San Marcos Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 666-3587 [email protected]
Ack, Thomas Freelance Lagoon Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2354 [email protected]
Brown Jr., Edwardo Self-Employed #2 Caribena St. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Sealey, Selvin Salvo Belize Master Tours DFC - 31A ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Nunez, Laji Eulogio New Day Adventures 25 Boca Del Rio Area ,SAN PEDRO TOWN ,BELIZE 625-1911 [email protected]
Halliday, Robert Eloy Gonzales #7 Angel Coral Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 627-7629
Castillo Jr., Roberto Self-Employed DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2421 [email protected]
Angele, Derek Josef Chuk& Robbies Boca Del Rio Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 602-4447 [email protected]
Canul Jr. , Roberto Ambergris Divers San Marcos Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2634 [email protected]
Quijano, Enrique B. Cruise Solutions DFC Area - House #F-15 ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3802
Bradley, Felipe Roberto Selfemployed 1 seagull ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Matura, Christopher S. Corol Divers Belize DFC Sub-Division ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Gorosica, Crispino Mata Chica Beach Resort Cormorant Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 631-1709 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Robert S. Freelance Escalante Sub-Division ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2732 [email protected]
Lara, Juan Albert Wil Flack [email protected]
Caliz, Lewis Freelance Conch Shell ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Gregorio, Daniel Self-Employed Marina Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Ancona, Jose Felipe Self Employed Angel Coral St ,Ambergris ,Belize
Bardalez, Jesus El Pescador Lodge #1 Tarpon Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2398 [email protected]
Verde, Juan Francisco Freelance 41 Pescador Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Ayuso Jr., Pedro Ramos Village Ramon's Village Resort ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Nunez, Melton Martin Hopkins Adventure Tours Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 620-3546
Bermudez, Ignacio E Freelance Bayside Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 621-5300
Duran, Adolfo Sea Star Belize Jew Fish Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 607-3108 [email protected]
Duran, Rudy Adalberto Freelance Mangrove Drive ,San Pedro Town , Belize 226-4800 [email protected]
Guillen, Juan Ramon's Village Marina Dr, DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Hancock, Michael Kent Self Employed 1-1/2 Miles North Ambergris Caye ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Ramirez, Enes Belize Diving Adventures A-40 DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 610-0015 [email protected]
Vasquez, Damian Turiano Ramon's Village Tarpon Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2225
Guerrero, Horacio Freelance Coconut Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3600 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Giovanni Chuck and Robbies Pescador Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 605-8685 [email protected]
Ancona Jr., Felipe Freelance 19 Angel Coral Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 621-7282 [email protected]
Ack, Mariano El Pescador Boca Del Rio Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Rubio, Stephen F. X-site Belize Esmeralda St ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 600-5022 [email protected]
Vasquez, Jose Turiano Chuck and Robbies Tropical Wave Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 624-9745 [email protected]
Guillen, Ramiro Freedom Tours DFC Area ,San Pedro ,Belize
Everette, Aarian Denver Searious Adventure San Pablo Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Rivero, Bibiano Belize Pro Dive Centre Escalante Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-4412 [email protected]
Ack, Gavino Self Employed DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3219
Lara Jr., Gonzalo Airstrip Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 621-1316 [email protected]
Franco, Carlos Rene Island Divers Escalante Sub-Division ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 626-0591 [email protected]
Henkis, Eric James Freelance DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Tillett, Venancio A. Scuba School Belize Sea Grape Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 610-4643 [email protected]
Juan, Jovanni Searious Adventures Escalante Sub-Division ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 635-0115
Deshield, Allan Freelance DFC Area G-13 ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 637-8855
Cain, Sherman Michael Blue Heaven Dive & Tours F-12 DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 661-2668 [email protected]
Matura, Rajini Sanjay Coral Divers 4.5 Miles North San Pedro ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-4424 [email protected]
Bladon, Sara M. self-employed Black Pearle Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Cardinez, Joeto Belize Celebrity Diving San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 628-2255 [email protected]
Martinez, Hillian Tres Pescados 44 DFC Subdivision ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 620-6799 [email protected]
Marin, Emir Emilcar El Pescador Boca Del Rio ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 632-5028 [email protected]
Anderson, Franklin C Seduce Tours Mosquito Coast ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-4203 [email protected]
Saki, Charles Mata Chica Resort & Spa San Mateo Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Alejos, Carlos Freelance Mosquito Coast Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3219 [email protected]
Coleman, Rosilda Wahoo's lounge Boca De Rio ,Ambergris Caye , 602-1742 [email protected]
Kumul Jr., Amelio Chuck and Robbies 600-7309
Cal, Marcos Freelance Marine Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 675-4663 [email protected]
Montejo, Juan Carlos Amigos Del Mar collins clark sub ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Iboy, Oscar Anibal Belize Celebrity Diving General Delivery ,San Pedro , 670-0758 [email protected]
Morataya, Joel Inland & Sea Adventures San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 635-0720
Fortune, Devon Dwayne San Pablo Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Lima, Carlos Enrique Unique Dive Adventures #11 Turtle Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 621-6143 [email protected]
Lemus, Neftali Xsite Belize Sailing and Adventures Ltd. Black Coral Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Tolosa, Jose Ambergris Divers San Marcos ,Belize City ,Belize [email protected]
Lima, Wilfredo Ramon's Dive shop Escalante Sub Division ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Arias, Jeremias Coral Tours DFC Area ,San Pedro ,Belize
Estell, Daniel Martin Freelance Lagoon Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Rubio, Alfredo Aldo Freelance San Mateo Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Castellanos, Felicito Ambergris Divers Spider Lilly Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2634 [email protected]
Valdez, Narciso Suya tours san juan area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2539 [email protected]
Vasquez, David Jonathan Freelance 23 Laguna Drive boca Del rio ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Quijano, Luis Oswaldo Belize Pro Dive San Piper Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Leslie, Jody Godfrey Martin Leslie Sun Flower St ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Castillo, Richard Ruben Richard Adventures Calle Ascincion ,Caye Caulker Village ,Belize 602-0024 [email protected]
Williams, Rudy Freelance Bucannier street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 600-5270
Bowen Jr., Steve Beaches And Dreams Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 623-2445 [email protected]
Guerrero, Roberto Freelance Tropical Wave Stret ,San Pedro Town ,Belize robertoguerreri [email protected]
Trejos, Rueben Angel Self Employed 53 Lagoon Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 6354773 [email protected]
Edwards, Jason Dexter Self Employed 17R Aloe Vera Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
P.O Box 117 San Pedro San Pedro Town Belize" 226-2456 [email protected]
Mattes, Kenneth Independent #1 Grouper Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 620-6007 [email protected]
Gongora Sr., Javier Belize Master TOurs San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Acosta, Cesar Daniel 45 Laguna Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Cayo 226-2365 [email protected]
Polanco, Gustavo Seaduced by Belize Tropical Wave Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Reyes, Josue Eleazar Freelance Buena Vista Point ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 650-5588 [email protected]
Marin, Carlos Oswaldo El Pescador Hotel Lagoon Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2486 [email protected]
Carrillo, Hilberto Joey Caribbean Fishing, Snorkeling, and Bar B Q boca del rio ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 627-0115 [email protected]
Bladen, Horace Gilbert Searious Adventures Jew Fish Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-4202
Lyons, Nicholas A. Seaquarious Back Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-2207 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Roan Samuel Suya Tours Jew Fish St. ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 636-6797 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Jorge Alberto Suya Tours Mosquito Coast Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Ack, Alejandro El Pescador Barrier Reef Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Anderson, Darrel Belize Diving Adventures Airport Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 651-9299 [email protected]
Ayuso, Pedro Adolfo Freelance Mullett Street ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 669-0475 [email protected]
Martinez, Luis Alberto Freelance DFC Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Oh, Pedro Junior Belize Pro Dive Centre Marina Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize [email protected]
Flowers, Leon Eldon Seaduced by Belize San Pedrito ,San Pedro Town ,Belize
Wade, Kenton Earl Aqua Scuba Casa Tropicana ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 632-6597
Bradley, Selwyn Go Fish Boca Del Rio Area ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 226-3718 [email protected]
Aldana, Edwin Seaduced San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro Town , 631-8641 [email protected]
Corado, Marcos Programme for Belize San Felipe ,Orange Walk , 635-4741 [email protected]
Caliz, Manuel Ruben Ambergis Divers Boca Dek Rio ,San Pedro ,Ambergris Caye
Carr, Michael R. Triton San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro ,Ambergris Caye [email protected]
Luna, Luis Enrique Martin Leslie School Master St ,San Pedro, ,Ambergris Caye 611-4149 [email protected]
Gonzalez, Eder Eloy Chuck & Robbies Angel Coral Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Bernardez, Ernesto Mr. West/ 18 Degrees North 18 Degree North, San Pedro ,Ambergris Caye , 663-5650 [email protected]
Alamilla, Daniel deep penetration (chuck and robbies) Coconut Drive ,San Pedro , 628-1728 [email protected]
Badillo, Antonio B. Belize Pro Dive Center Boca Del Rio Drive ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Guerrero, Jaime Gabriel Freelance 55 Boca Del Rio drive ,San Pedro ,Ambergris [email protected]
Caceres, Rolando A. Ramon's Village San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro ,Belize 226-2071 [email protected]
Lemus, Ricky Martin Sea Star Cocoplum Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Tillett, Yemin Scuba School Belize SAn Pablo Area ,San Pedfro ,Belize [email protected]
Rodriguez, Jorge Luis Blue Bonefish Tarpon Street ,San Pedro , 620-0314 [email protected]
Escalante, Alexander Freeelance Seagrape Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Acosta, Luis Gilberto EL Pescador Lodge 45 Luguna Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize 632-3881 [email protected]
Guerrero, Berlioz Ramon's Vilaage Resort Pelican Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Nunez, Genzo Seaduced Almond Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Augustine, Alden Ramon's Village Lion Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Cruz, Raul White Sands Dive Shop Boca del Rio ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Kumul, Juannelo Freelance Conch Shell Street Boca Del Rio ,San Pedro ,Belize
Ayala, Nahuel Freelance Marina Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize 632-3845 [email protected]
Oliva, Cord Gilberto Lara 16 Sand Piper Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Wade, Herman Orlando Freelance Swan Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Hesse, Helene Self Employed 218 Las Terrazas ,San Pedro ,Belize 621-6889 [email protected]
Cardona, Nair Island Dream Tour San Mateo ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Lopez, Lorenzo Luis Nunez Tropical Wave Street ,San Pedro ,Belize 653-0793
Canelo, Gregory D Ecologic Diver D.F.C Area ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Alamilla, Candido Tuff E Nuff Boca Del Rio ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Livingston, Derek A. Castaway Caye Water Sports DFC Area ,San Pedro ,Belize 602-9173 goo/[email protected]
Cisneros, Arnold Y Ramon's Village Seagrape Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Vasquez, Jaime Josue Sea Star Belize 725 water lane street ,San Pedro ,Belize 631-5954 [email protected]
Trejo, Alfredo W Ambergris Divers Elliott Sub Division ,San Pedro ,Belize 607-8347 [email protected]
Jones, Ivor Andrew Sea*rious Adventures School Master Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize 226-2254 [email protected]
Flack, William R Tres Pescados Fly Shop Casa Del Sol #3 ,San Pedro ,Belize 226-3474 [email protected]
Williams, Henry White Sand Dive Shop mangrove drive, boca del rio ,san pedro , [email protected]
Gonzalez, Raul Carlos Alejos Laguna Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Valladarez, Demor Emeliano Rivero Marina Road ,San Pedro ,Belize 635-1093 [email protected]
Smith, Jesse Mr. Emiliano Rivero 29 Laguna Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize 206-2007 [email protected]
Aranda, Franklin Tuff E Nuff #7 Glitter St/Airstrip Area ,San Pedro ,Belize 626-6914 [email protected]
Cucul, Santiago Amigos Del Mar San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro ,San Pedro
Mattes, Zachary Belize trec 1 Grouper Street ,San Pedro ,Belize 226-3389 [email protected]
Madrid, Miguel Angel Island Dream Tours Boca Del Rio ,San Pedro ,Belize 636-6000 [email protected]
Guevara, Erick FreeScuba School Belize 6 CET Site St. ,San Pedro ,San Pedro` [email protected]
Verde, San Urbano Blue Water Fishing
Hoare, Sergio Freelance 8017 Mahogany Extension ,Belize City ,San Pedro 600-2612 [email protected]
Estell, Adrian Freelance Lagoon Street, San Juan Area ,San Pedro ,Belize 621-5547 [email protected]
Marin, Kristian Andre El Pescador Lodge & Villas Lagoon Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Howe, Neftalie Michael Island Dreams Tours San Mateo ,San Pedro ,San Pedro [email protected]
Gillett, Glenn Rudolph Luis Nunez Buccaneer Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Nunez Jr., Laji Joan New Day Adventures 25 Boca Del Rio Area ,San Pedro ,Ambergris Caye 632-3953 [email protected]
Bowen, Eugene Belize Ocean Divers San Mateo San Pedro ,San Pedro ,Belize 627-7338 [email protected]
Bradley, Errick Oh! Danny Boy Limited Boca Del Rio Area ,San Pedro ,Belize 623-7577 [email protected]
Cucul, Aner Island Divers Belize Ely's Sub Division ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Wade, Dave Belize Diving Adventure San Pedro Sea Star Street ,San Pedro ,Belize 627-4111 [email protected]
Palacio, Daniel Edward Free Lance DFC Area ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Uk, Rolando Kelly Kanabar Barrier Reef Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize 620-7401 [email protected]
Paz Jr, Felipe Self Employed Barrier Reef Drive ,San Pedro ,Belize 624-3525 [email protected]
Williams, Javier Vidal Seaduced by Belize Coco Plum Street ,San Pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Aguilar, Jose Roberto Searious Adventure Seagrape Drive ,San Pedro , Belize 631-7334 [email protected]
Marin, Valmont Freelance Boca Del Rio ,San Pedro ,Belize
Diaz, Eduardo Tuff E Nuff San Mateo Area ,San Pedro , 604-8444 [email protected]
Velasquez, Darryl Freelance Sea Gull Street ,San Pedro ,Belize 631-6970 [email protected]
Bradley, Luis Tuff e Nuff tours Boca del Rio ,San Pedro , 6043046
Leiva, Esvin Freelance San Mateo Ave ,San pedro ,Belize 671-4442 [email protected]
Velasquez, Joshua Martin,, belize Jungle tre San Mateo ,San Pedro Town ,Cayo District
Galvez, Clifford Tuff-E-nuff
Ayuso, Pedro Alfredo Island Divers Belize San Pablo ,San pedro ,Belize [email protected]
Reyes, Giovanni Omar Eiley's Subdivision ,San Pedro , 620-9903 [email protected]
Ramirez, Melvin Lionel Cruise Solutions [email protected]
Zetina, Ricardo Gustavo Freelance [email protected]
Rodriguez, Jorge Francisco Amigos Del Mar 226-2706 [email protected]
Locario, Sydney Tuff-E-Nuff Tours [email protected]
Acosta, Anwar Said Self-Employed
Romero, John Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop Tropical Wave ,Belize , 615-6687 [email protected]
Saravia, Maties White sands dive Shop DFC Area ,San Pedro ,
Acosta, Elton Free Lance Angel Coral Street ,San Pedro , 652-9709 [email protected]
Guadron, Adelmo Castaway Mangrove Drive ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Chen, Renaldo Emeliano Rivero San Pedro Town ,San Pedro , 6501503 [email protected]
Nunez, Francisco Laji Nunez 632-1307
Rodriguez, Jose Tuff-Enuff
Swasey, Patrick Roberto Canul Sand Piper St. ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Lopez, Henry Noelvi Mata Chica Resort [email protected]
Maza, Fara D.F.C. Area ,San Pedro , 604-6208 [email protected]
Albeno, Andy Scuba School Angel Coral Street ,San Pedro , 637-1742 [email protected]
Juarez, Jose Daniel Free Lance #14 Sand Piper Street ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Cordova, Jose Carlos Espanto Island Resort Pelican Street ,San Pedro TOwn , [email protected]
Cadle, Wayne Alexander No Worries Tours 26 Angel Coral St. ,Belize , [email protected]
Soto, Carlos Amigos Del Mar San Pablo Area ,San Pedro , 620-1166 [email protected]
Tillett, Zain Scuba School & Family Dive Center D.F.C. Area ,San Pedro , 600-6011 [email protected]
Nunez, Christino Freelance #5 Seagull St. ,Belize , [email protected]
Caliz, Anamira Blue Heaven dives and Tours San Pedrtito Area ,SanPedro , 668-3741 [email protected]
Cruz, Victor Andres Selvin Sealey Escalante Sub-division ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Gonzales, Wilson Giovanni Arely Marin Mosquito Coast ,San Pedro , 607-4882
Ramirez, Brandon Joshua Belize Pro-Dive Center Escalante Sub-Division ,San Pedro , 226-3670 [email protected]
Garbutt, Andres Edward Belize Celebrity Diving San Pablo Area ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Rosalez, Jesus Aranaim Castaway Caye Mangrove Street ,San Pedro , 602-2906
Ack, Jameel Thomas Blue Water Fishing Charters D.F.C. Area ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Puc, Rudy Edgar Kevin Smith Tropical Wave Street ,San Pedro , 636-9902 [email protected]
Lopez, Kiron Bernard Belize Diving Adventures Pescador Drive ,San Pedro , 226-3082
Reyes, Jerry Elvis Sea Star Corner Blake & Stingray Street ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Alvarez, Jose Luis Island Dream Tours Apt 1, Barrier Reef Drive ,San Pedro , 604-6635 [email protected]
Fajardo, Odman Daniel Island Dream Tours DFC Area ,San Pedro , 621-4467 [email protected]
Nunez, Juliouz J. R. Ambergris Divers Escalante - Sub Division ,San Pedro , 625-9061 [email protected]
Garcia, Aroldo Eliy El Pescador Lodge 45 Laguna Drive ,Belize , [email protected]
Castro, Elmer David CJ's Reef shack 10 Miles North - Habaneros Area ,San Pedro Town , [email protected]
Esquivel, Josue Freelance Marina Drive ,San Pedro ,
OH, Arden Edwin Belize Pro Dive Center San Pedrito Area ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Alvarez, Alvaro Imaric Free Lance Tropical Wave Street ,San Pedro , [email protected]
Number of Tour Guides:
Stann Creek District Gonzalez, Santos Freelance Hopkins Village ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 650-0136
Gillett, Omar Island Expedition 1201 Benguche Area ,Dangriga Town ,Stann Creek 663-0637
Robinson, Clifford Alexander Paul & Mary Shave General Delivery ,Sittee River Village ,Stann Creek 543-7227 [email protected]
Cuthkelvin, Leri Raymond Freelance General Delivery ,Sittee River Village ,Stann Creek 664-8548 [email protected]
Monkey River Village Toledo" 660-3292
Andrews, Cardinal Feinstein Group of Companies General Delivery ,Sittee River Village ,Stann Creek 666-7540 [email protected]
Jacobs, Patrick Kale Partick Tour Belize Hopkins Village ,Hopkins Vilage ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Cuevas, Ian Ariel Sunnyside Tours Placencia Village ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Hopkins Village Stann Creek"
Melvin, Janette Diversity Tours Treasures Lot 86, Phase 1 Sittee Point ,Stann Creek ,Stann Creek 661-7444 [email protected]
Nunez, Noawel Freelance General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 523-7219
Gill, Robert Austin Coco Plum Island Resort 3rd New Site ,Stann Creek , 522-2200 [email protected]
Hopkins Village Stann Creek" 523-7232
Chun, Gregorio Tutzil Nah Cottage General Delivery ,Maya Center Village ,Stann Creek 533-7045 [email protected]
Monkey River Village Stann Creek" 533-3028 [email protected]
Usher, Ismael Bruse Jaguar Reef #1065 Benguche Area ,Dangriga Town ,Stann Creek 627-1285 [email protected]
Silk Grass Village Stann Creek " [email protected]
Castillo, Charlton Hopldink Kulcha Tours General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 636-3637 [email protected]
Taca, Agapito Jungle Sea Ventures General Delivery ,Santa Rosa Village ,Stann Creek 523-7276
Wesby, Lincoln Blue Horezion General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek
Palacio, Lennox A Freelance General Delivery ,Seine Bight Village ,Stann Creek
Chun, Ouscal Freelance General Delivery ,Maya Center Village ,Stann Creek 635-6469 [email protected]
Sho, Emiliano Freelance Middle Street ,Maya Center Village ,Stann Creek 628-3080
Andrews, Eric Edward Inland & Sea Advnetures Barrier Reef Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 610-1114 [email protected]
Sho, William Freelance General Delivery ,Maya Village Centre ,Stann Creek 651-4717 [email protected]
Chun, Tadeo Robert's Grove Seine Bight Village ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek
Chun, Julian Freelance General Delivery ,Maya Center Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Nunez, Terry Randal freelance General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek
Pau, Marcelo Freelance Maya Center Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 668-3650 [email protected]
Nunez, Augustine Belize Under Water General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek
White, Peter Elstan Freelance 17.25 (seventeen and a quarter) Miles ,Stann Creek Valley Road ,Stann Creek 663-6710
Bonell, Eusebio Freelance
Williams, Richard Pelican Beach Resort 4 miles ,Sarawee Village ,Stann Creek 631-2099
Leslie, Vaughan L. Nite Wind Tours Mapp Street ,Stann Creek District ,Stann Creek 503-2318 [email protected]
Lozano, Darryl C. Freelance #12 Elbow Avenue ,Independence Village ,Stann Creek 622-2302 [email protected]
Casimero, Nicholas Jaguar Reef Lodge General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 660-1246
Espat, Rolando Freelance Seine Bight ,Stann Creek ,Belize
Chaplin, Nedia Marie Go Sea Lester Richard Street ,Independence Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Noralez, Anthony Sam Hamanasi General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 6306238 [email protected]
Ariola, Neal Clement Hamanasi Resort General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 660-3476
Rodriguez, Abraham Freelance General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek
Nunez, Troy Alex HGL Tours Hopkins Village ,Sittee River Village ,Stann Creek 635-0967 [email protected]
Schofield, James A. Self-employed/ Off the Wall Dive Center & Resort P.O. Box 195 ,Dangriga Town ,Stann Creek 614-6348 [email protected]
Garbutt, Warren Bert Self Employed General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 523-3320 [email protected]
Nembhard, Jaslyn Belize Underwater General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 651-0545 [email protected]
Saldana, Diostenes Almond Beach General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Ariola Sr., Elwin Rolando Freelance 3rd St. Benguche Area ,Dangriga Town ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Lozano, Cordel Shawn Self Employed General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Vasquez, Gabriel Reserve General Delivery ,Sittee River Village ,Stann Creek 669-8942
Martinez, Jody Robert J & D Tours and Transfers Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 661-2110 [email protected]
Rodriguez, Anaca Alma Freelance General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 637-4512 [email protected]
Leslie, Michael Island Adventures Nurse Ventura Street 2nd new site ,Dangriga Town ,Stann Creek 636-6605 [email protected]
Lambert, Tyrone Dean Off The Wall Dive Center General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek
Drysdale, Hartfield Hamanasi San Roman Village ,Stann Creek ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Lewis, Doreth Franz Muy Uno LTD Main Street ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek 503-7217 [email protected]
Logan Sr., James Ram Logan's Ultimate Adventure Pomona New Site ,Pomona Village ,Stann Creek
Pop, Manuel Benito Beaches and Dreams Resort General Delivery ,Maya Center Village ,Stann Creek 635-1119 [email protected]
Casimiro, Cedric G Island Expedition 1354 Lakeland Area ,Dangriga Town ,Stann Creek
Peck, Manuel Freelance General Delivery ,Silk Grass Village ,Stann Creek 503-7328 [email protected]
Bech, Jes Christian Barebones Tours Monkey River Road ,Stann Creek District ,Stann Creek 670-0498 [email protected]
Ortiz, David Elias EUGINE Placencia Village ,Stann Creek District , [email protected]
Carr, Martin Alonzo Hamanasi Adventure Center General Delivery ,Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Chaneb Sr., Alton Pelican Beach Resort 55 Citrun Street ,Dangriga Town ,Stann Creek 615-3532 [email protected]
Flores, Clayton James H2O Tierra Silk Grass Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 650-0537 [email protected]
Polanco, George Luis The Reserve Belize Hopkins ,Stann Creek ,Belize [email protected]
Anderson, Michael Belize Permit Club Sittee River ,Stann Creek ,Belize 632-6011 [email protected]
Smith, Kimike Island Adventures Riras Estate ,Stann Creek ,Belize 668-796 [email protected]
Baki, Florencio Belize Diving Services Calle la Poza ,Caye Caulker Village , 615-7569 [email protected]
Canelo, Maxwell N. Freelance 48 Mill Street ,Stann Creek ,Belize 631-9614 [email protected]
Escobar, Marvin Sea Horse Dive Shop Bella Vista Village ,Toledo ,Belize [email protected]
Ariola, Elwin Rolando 3rd street Benguche Area ,Dangriga towm ,Belize 668-3194 [email protected]
Martinez, Evan Alden Hamanasi Hopkins ,Stann Creek ,Belize [email protected]
Reyes, Ashbert Edney Freelance Hopkins ,Stann Creek ,Belize [email protected]
Gutierrez, Oscar Ministry of Education Independence Village ,Stann Creek ,Belize 610-6682 [email protected]
Palacio, Denton Elroy Jaguar Reef Lodge Hopkins Village ,stanncreek ,
Polanco, Eddie A. Black Rock Expeditions [email protected]
Hernandez, Victor Manuel Hamanasi Resort 89 Front Street ,Stann Creek ,Belize 622-4297
Chavez, Ever Ulices Caribbean Homes & Exports/ CHUKKA 46 Miles Hummingbird Highway ,Armenia Village ,Stann Creek 631-9072 [email protected]
Garcia, Julio Freelance Ellis St. ,Independence ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Parrish, Justin Muy-Ono/ Thatch Caye Resort Thatch Caye Resort ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Pereira, Ricky Reymundo Roam Belize Tours, Shuttles & Car rental [email protected]
Gentle, Micah M Chef Rob Pronk Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek , 620-3443 [email protected]
Chun, Alexander Matthew Mr. Craig Brooks [email protected]
Casimiro, Hansel Belize Underwater
Burgos, Darvin Thatch Caye Resort Hope Creek Village ,Stann Creek , 629-5076 [email protected]
Webber, Stacy Self Employed 628-6433 [email protected]
Nunez, Kenrick Dario Roveri Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek , 662-5808 [email protected]
Andrews, Elton Sitte River Marina Sittee River ,Stann Creek , 533-7070 [email protected]
Santino, Eric John Belizean Dreams Resort 19 Princess Maragaret Drive ,Belize , 671-9355 [email protected]
Teul, Nestor Ox Kawill Ahau Tour Seine Bight Village ,Stann Creek ,
Ramirez, Iris Hopkins Bay Resort New Site Area, Silk Grass ,Stann Creek , 627-8117 [email protected]
Bonilla, Angel Your Belize Concierge Silk Grass Village ,Stann Creek , 610-6599 [email protected]
Bolon, Daniel Robert H20 Tierra [email protected]
Asencio, Wilson Josue Bocawina Rainforest Resort Mile 10, New Site ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Avila, Raul T. Island Expeditions 665 B Sabal Community ,Stann Creek , 625-0891 [email protected]
Swazo, Delvorine Yaneth Pelican Beach Resort 1st New Site ,Dangriga , 602-4152
Lopez, Lloyd Noble Barbar Kelt 3244 Wagie Rale ,Stann Creek , 606-0463 [email protected]
Jackson, Nolan Self Employed 30 Oak St ,Stann Creek , [email protected]
Hyde, Keon W. Island Expeditions, H20 Tierra Tour Company Pomona New Site ,STANN CREEK , 620-7769 [email protected]
Nicholas, Marlon Pelican Beach Resort 57 Citron Street ,Stann Creek District , [email protected]
Pau, Simon Silk Grass Village ,Stann Creek District , 501-667-8948 [email protected]
Euceda, Ervin 7 1/2 Miles Southern Highway ,Stann Creek District , [email protected]
Bol, Ernesto Severo Freelance 654-5660 [email protected]
Salguero, Rene Orlando Self Employed 6042414 [email protected]
Chiac, Genaro Independence High School Maya Mopan Village, Stann Creek District ,Stann Creek , 523-2220 [email protected]
Sho, Marcelino O'neil Sinclair Big Falls Village ,Toledo , [email protected]
Dawson, Samuel George Untame Belize 23 Polack Street ,Stann Creek ,
Awe, Jahir Joshua Freelance 15 Miles Alta Vista ,Stann creek , 636-6001 [email protected]
Flores, Kenton Kareem Thatch Caye Resort 621-4983 [email protected]
Casimiro, Alden Dayton Villa Verano 6337634 [email protected]
Casimiro, Basil Osman Hopkins Village ,Stann Creek , 615-5373 [email protected]
Rhaburn, Fiona Denise Freelance 6373821 [email protected]
FLores, Orlando Horace Go Sea Tours Placencia Village ,Stann Creek , 626-4258
Number of Tour Guides:
Monkey River Stann Creek" 533-3029 [email protected]
Garbutt, Thomas Garbutt Marine roses street hope ville ,Punta Gorda Town ,Toledo 630-0110 [email protected]
Cho, Juan Freelance General Delivery ,San Felipe Village ,Toledo 709-2006
Young, John Alfred Copal Tree Lodge #2 Front Street ,Punta Gorda Town ,Toledo
Chub, Pedro Island Expeditions Company General Delivery ,Santa Teresa Village ,Toledo 627-5296
Garbutt, Eworth Arthur Freelance Main Street ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek 503-3012 [email protected]
Garbutt, Oliver Garbutts Marine Black Ovelia Street, Hopeville ,Toledo ,Toledo [email protected]
Leonardo, Alex Neftali Belcampo Wilson Rd. ,Punta Gorda Town ,Toledo [email protected]
Loredo, Alvin Freelance Barranco Village ,Toledo ,Belize 604-8564 [email protected]
Muschamp Sr., Evarsito Trip n Travel New Site ,Stann Creek ,Stann Creek
Kuppinger, Bruno Toledo Cave & Adventure Tours 18mls. San Antonio Rd. ,Stann Creek Village ,Toledo 615-2124 [email protected]
Ack, Vicente Freelance General Delivery ,San Miguel Village ,Toledo 6239638
Sho, Isidoro H20 Tierra General Delivery ,Blue Creek Village ,Toledo 664-6492
Sho, Inocencio International Zoological Expedition General Delivery ,Blue Creek Village ,Toledo
Chub, Francisco H20 Tierra Ltd. Big Falls Village ,Toledo , 633-6401 [email protected]
Garbutt, Dennis Lloyd Garbutts Marine 11 Rose Wood St ,Punta Gorda Town ,Toledo garbuttmarineand [email protected]
Ical, Blasio Roam Belize Blue Creek Village ,Toledo ,Toledo 666-8195
Martin, Lionel Anthony Garbutts Marine New City Area ,Toledo ,Toledo [email protected]
Sho, Rosalio Freelance General Delivery ,Blue Creek Village ,Toledo 668-6540
Gordon, Ebenezer Freelance General Delivery ,Monkey River Village ,Toledo 653-7558
Muschamp, Alrin Kelvin Gree Parrot Hotel General Delivery ,Placencia Village ,Stann Creek [email protected]
Williams, Jason Errol Freelance General Delivery ,Monkey River Village ,Toledo 669-5737
Sam, Santiago Garbutt's Marine San Pedro Colombia ,toledo district , 653-1845 [email protected]
Jacobs Jr., Victor Garbuut marine 1719 Mahogany Street ,Punta Gorda Town ,Toledo 602-4546 [email protected]
Wewe, Cirilo El Gato Tours Sea Grape Drive ,San Pedro Town ,Belize 665-1500 [email protected]
Choco, Estevan The Lodge at Big Falls General Delivery ,Big Falls Village ,Toledo [email protected]
Alford, George Wilhem Joe Taylor Creek Mangrove Street ,Hopeville Village ,Toledo 632-0365 [email protected]
Mas, Abraham Luis nunez San Pedro - D.F.C. Area ,Punta Gorda Town ,Toledo District [email protected]
Mas, Nathaniel H2O Tierra Tours General Delivery ,Indian Creek Village ,Toledo 634-3967 [email protected]
Pop, Agapito Anastacio Cotton Tree Lodge General Delivery ,Hicattee Village ,Toledo 633-0745 [email protected]
Tush, Francisco Naia Resort and spa General Delivery ,Aguacate Village ,Toledo [email protected]
Coc, Lorenzo Hamanasi Resort Elridgeville ,PUNTA GORDA ,Toledo 651-7493 [email protected]
Rash, Antonio Hamanasi Resort General Delivery ,Crique Sarco Village ,Toledo 666-2968 [email protected]
Coc Jr., Geronimo Julian Cho Technical High School General Delivery ,San Pedro Columbia Village ,Toledo 601-1706
Cucul, Israel cave Branch out post Frank Eddy Village ,Cayo , 663-9070 [email protected]
Castellanos, Daniel Cotton Tree Lodge Hopeville ,Punta Gorda Town ,Toledo [email protected]
Bochub, Edward Alexander Freelance General Delivery ,Hopeville ,Toledo 602-9331 [email protected]
Cal, David Thomas Magical Adventures 1 Cypress St ,Belize ,Belize 226-3415 [email protected]
Ical, Bicente Topal True Lodge General Delivery ,Blue Creek Village ,Toledo [email protected]
Coy, Rosendo yaaxche Conservation Trust Indian Creek ,Indian Creek Village ,Toledo [email protected]
Baki, Alejandro H2O Tierra General Delivery ,Big Falls Village ,Toledo [email protected]
Coy, Marleni Noemi Emillian H2o Tierra San Pedro Columbia ,Toledo ,Belize 629-2280 [email protected]
Bolon, Manuel Michael Giles General Delivery ,Big Falls Village ,Toledo 622-8005 [email protected]
Coy, Macario Ivette Wilson General Delivery ,Medina Bank Village ,Toledo [email protected]
Rash, Mateo Freelance General Delivery ,Medina Bank Village ,Toledo [email protected]
Xol, Luis Chukka Medina Bank Village ,Toledo , [email protected]
Ramirez, Desmond Copal Tree Lodge Far West Street ,Punta Gorda ,Toledo 702-2378 [email protected]
Chan, Emmanuel Belcampo Lodge Hopeville ,Punta Gorda ,Toledo 766-0050 [email protected]
Ack, Martin Tide tours San Miguel Village ,Punta Gorda , [email protected]
Cucul, Manuel H2O Tierra Ltd. San Benito Poite Village ,Toledo , [email protected]
Williams, Kenley Roger Western Caribbean Live Aboard Limited #53 Starkey Hill Street ,Cayo , 702-2543 [email protected]
Caliz, Andrew Self employed Big Falls ,Toledo , 634-5185 [email protected]
Choc, Metodio self-employed Maya Center Village ,Toledo ,Belize 662-9365 [email protected]
Choco, Mario Pook's Hill Lodge San Miguel Village ,Toledo , 623-3226 [email protected]
Bul, Rafael Marcos H2o Tierras Ltd Aguacate Village ,Toledo ,Belize 633-2243 [email protected]
Cus, Felix H2O Tierra Company Aguacate Village ,Toledo ,Belize [email protected]
Tush, Elvis H2O Tierra Aquacate Village ,Toledo ,Belize 651-6477 [email protected]
Mes, Jose Mr. Bruno Kuppinger Santa Cruz Village ,Toledo ,Belize 666-9507 [email protected]
Chub, Mario Belize Adventure Group Santa Teresa Village ,Toledo ,Belize [email protected]
Mejangre, Elizabeth Cotton Tree Lodge Santa Anna Village ,Toledo ,Belize
Ack, Venancio Island Expedition Santa Teresa Village ,Toledo ,Belize
Parham Jr. , Randolph Wonders of The Barrier Reef Tours trail Farm ,Orange Walk ,Belize 635-4535 [email protected]
Ack, Nasario Reef Friendly Tours Santa Teresa Village ,Toledo ,Belize
Martin, Kenworth Garbutt's Marine & Fishing Lodge # 6 Mahogany Street ,Toledo ,Belize [email protected]
Cus, Silvertro H2O Tierre Tours Aguacate Village ,Toledo ,Belize [email protected]
Sho, Ivan Berlin Harvest Caye Blue Creek Village ,Cayo ,Belize 623-7214 [email protected]
Chub Jr., Francisco Mayan Sky Canopy Tours Blue Creek ,Toledo ,Belize 633-1496 [email protected]
Vellos, Jose Manuel Copal Tree Lodge Indianville Area ,Toledo ,Toledo 621-3313 [email protected]
Sho, Francisco H20 Tierra Big Falls Village ,Toledo ,Belize [email protected]
Jacobs, Ray S. Garbutt Marine Indian Village ,Toledo ,Toledo 670-6969 [email protected]
Rash, Elodio Julian Cho Society Indian Creek Village ,Indian Creek Village ,Toledo District 600-4245 [email protected]
Sho, Juana H20 Tierra Big Falls ,Big Falls ,Toledo [email protected]
Choco Jr., Domingo David choc San Felipe ,San Felipe ,Toledo [email protected]
Romero, Rousana H2O Tierra Ltd 632-4623 [email protected]
Cadle, Ornella Marleni Jacob Marlin 664-8710 [email protected]
Cal, Bevinton Hamanasi San Pedro ,Toledo , [email protected]
Jacobs Jr., Ray Garbutts Marine Lily Street Indian Ville ,Punta Gorda Town , 663-3819 [email protected]
Chen, Reymundo Leonardo H2O Tierra [email protected]
Sho, Isaiah Freelance Santa Cruz Village ,Toledo , 621-3199 [email protected]
Caal, Willie Sapodillas Caye Marine Reserve Pelican St. ,Toledo , 624-8882 [email protected]
Choco, Carlos H2O Tierra Aguacate Ville ,Toledo , 633-5470 [email protected]
Shol, Evarlina H2O Tierra [email protected]
Trapp, Lauro Orlando H2O Tierra Ltd [email protected]
Chiac, Telesforo H2O Tierra 651-8531 [email protected]
Bo, Emilliano Naia Resort and Spa Eldridge Village ,Toledo , [email protected]
Sedassey, Simon Sebastian H20 tierra Ltd Cattle landing Village ,Toledo , 644-0668 [email protected]
Moreira, Ronald E. H20 Tierra Tours New Road Area ,Toledo District , [email protected]
Kus, Adran Mr. Tom Wilson San Miguel Village ,Toledo , 624-5687 [email protected]
Choc, Pablo Bocawina Rainforest Resort & adventures Indian Creek Village ,Toledo , 651-7794 [email protected]
Coy, Brian Splash Dive Center Bella Vista Village ,Toledo District , 654-1037 [email protected]
Ack, Octario Keith Muy-ono Managment/ Adventures Placencia Village ,Stann Creek , 631-2405 [email protected]
Choc, Samuel Santa Elena Village ,TOLEDO , 661-5538 choc,[email protected]
Garbutt, Justin Garbutts Marine Roses Street, Hopeville ,Toledo District , 622-7051 [email protected]
Rash, Venancio James Bus Line Big Falls ,Toledo District ,
Usher, Carlos H2O Tierra Far West Street ,Toledo District , 622-6381 [email protected]
Choc, Porfilio Vitalino Reyes [email protected]
Choc Jr., Adoranz Asako Solis 652-5983 [email protected]
Choco, Manuel Self Employed Big Falls Village ,Toledo District ,
Choco, Andrew H2o-Tierra [email protected]
Sho, Soyla O'Neil Sinclair Big Falls Village ,Toledo , [email protected]
Cal Jr., Joseph Freelance Medina Bank Village ,Toledo ,
Choco, Susana H20 Tierra Big Falls Village ,Toledo ,
Chub, Nigel Isla Marisol Resort Santa Teresa Village ,Toledo District , [email protected]
Zuniga, Melvin Sander New Guide Medina Bank Village ,Toledo ,