Sister Reef Auction

Thank you for participating in the Belize Sister Reef Auction! The Belize Barrier Reef and Great Barrier Reef are mysterious places and are home to thousands of species of wildlife, with thousands more waiting to be revealed. But they need protecting. The more we protect, the more we’ll discover. Through the Sister Reef Auction, you can help protect the reefs.

  1. Belizean stakeholders will make a commitment to donate prizes to our charity partner for an online fundraiser to take place in February 2018.
  2. We will promote the auction to fans and followers in the U.S., who will bid on the items online in February.
  3. Goods and services won will be redeemed in-country, bringing more people to Belize to spend more time and money.

All items donated must:

  • Be an in-kind donation for the full value of the goods and/or service.
  • Be redeemable for a full 12 months at minimum (through February 2019).
  • Be tied to Belize (made in Belize or able to experience in Belize).
  • Be shipped to the following address no later than December 31, 2017: P.O. Box 325, #64 Regent Street, Belize City, Belize.
  • Include a one-to-two paragraph description of the item/activity.
  • Please contact Perry Bodden with questions and to submit your donation form electronically: and
  • If you have a product you’d like to donate instead of a voucher or gift card, contact and to discuss shipping and logistics.
  • TODAY: Sign up to participate by turning in the bottom half of this form. In order to sign up, you must share what you will be donating and the value of your item.
  • DEC. 1: Last day to sign up to participate. Email and
  • DEC. 1 through DEC. 31: Mail a printed voucher or gift card to The BTB office at the following

address: P.O. Box 325, #64 Regent Street, Belize City, Belize.