Travel Trade Schedule 2018-2019

The main focus of the Travel Trade team is to build and foster relationships with the international travel trade, i.e. tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents.  This is in line with the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP). The team organizes and attends a series of trade shows, consumer expos, road shows whilst conducting sales presentations and webinars throughout North America, Europe and South America. Familiarization tours are also a supplement to its marketing efforts. These approaches are based on the Return on Investment (ROI) for each market, based on leads.  It is through these avenues that the allurement of Belize is shared with a wide audience of travel agents, travellers and investors.

International Living’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference

*BTB Participating. This expo provides a great platform for destinations to promote Retirement Programs to Retirees.

WestJet Travel Trade Expo

*Hosted by Westjet. BTB participating. The WestJet Expos provide a great opportunity to promote Belize and be in direct contact with WestJet agents from three important vicinities in Canada: Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary. These expos attract over 300 agents in each location.

Taipéi International Travel Fair

*Hosted by CATO- BTB participating. This is one of the most popular consumer travel fair in the Asia-Pacific region and the biggest combined exhibition and sales event in Taiwan organized by the Taiwan Visitors Association.  The show will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center.  

Passport DC

*BTB Participating This travel expo is organized by the Embassy of Belize in DC and attracts not only the Belize diaspora, but also potential visitors who know very little about the destination. This expo will allow us to promote Belize as a premier vacation destination within the East Coast Market.

Romance Travel Forum

*Industry Partners invited to participate. This Trade Show provides an opportunity to meet face-to-face with Agents who cater to Romance niche market as there is still room for growth in the area of Romance travel sector for Belize.

Experience Latin America

*Industry Partners invited to participate. This 3-day European Trade Show is organized by the Latin America Travel Agency (LATA) and is dedicated to Latin American Travel. The show takes on the format of pre-scheduled appointments, networking intermissions and seminars.

The Scuba Show

*Industry Partners invited to participate. The Scuba Show attracts an average annual attendance of over 10,000 divers and was selected to continue promoting Belize from a diving perspective; California is also a top Market for Belize.

Chetumal Sales Presentation

*BTB Participating. Chetumal is a natural market for Belize due to the ease of accessibility for travelers to and from Belize. The sales presentation would allow us to meet with travel agents in Chetumal so as to create an intermediary relationship that would connect our local suppliers to their trade.

JGBB Wisconsin & Minnesota

*BTB Participating. JGBB Road Show Series: Focus primarily on the USA market in areas that show potential growth, as well those that have direct hubs to Belize. These road shows take on a sales calls approach which allows us to meet with agents in the comforts of their office. This method continues to be very effective in educating agents about the destination.

Wedding Salon New York

*Industry Partners invited to participate. Wedding Salon New York is a consumer expo that attracts thousands of engaged couples, celebrities, socialites and industry professionals who are looking for wedding destinations to get married, renew their vows or to spend their honeymoon. Belize lends itself to a great destination for weddings and honeymoon which was evident when we conducted our first-ever wedding FAM. New York remains a top destination from which travelers to Belize originate.

Virtuoso Travel Week

*BTB Participating. Virtuoso Travel Week, Virtuoso Travel Week on Tours Chicago, Palm Springs and Mexico put us in direct contact with travel agents in the luxury segment – a niche market that we continue to grow.

Birdfair 2018

*Industry Partners invited to participate. Bird Fair receives 25,000 visitors, and reaches all parts of the birdwatching and conservation industry and is the embodiment of the ‘think globally, act locally’ ethos. Many conservation projects are supported in the UK, and as a result efforts for global activities are also on the agenda; birds have little regard for international boundaries.

JGBB Washington DC

*BTB Participating. JGBB Road Show Series take on a sales calls format which focus primarily on the Major USA territories that show potential growth, as well those that have direct hubs to Belize.

JGBB Road Show Florida

*BTB Participating. JGBB Road Show Series take on a sales calls format which focus primarily on the Major USA territories that show potential growth, as well those that have direct hubs to Belize.

The American Birding Expo

*Industry Partners Invited to Participate The American Birding Expo is marketed to bird watchers, eco-tourists, and nature enthusiasts in North America. Birding is growing Niche Market for Belize.

Wildlife & Safari Travel Show

This Travel Show is a great gathering place for people passionate about original wildlife, safari and conservation travel experiences.

FIT Argentina

Fit America Latina is a 4 day event being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a destination that remains a priority market for Belize in South America.

CTO NL Roadshow

*Industry Partners invited to participate. The CTO Roadshow will be held in different cities in The Netherlands. The show will target agencies that have high potential for Belize.

Caribbean Latin Work Shop

The Caribbean Latin Workshop is a trade show that emphasizes both the Caribbean and Latin region. This show is focused on niche-tour operators, travel agencies and press. Belize will have its own table at this show. This speed dating and networking event will allow us to showcase Belize.

Travelution E-learning, Webinar

*BTB Participating. The Travelution E-learning platform allows travel agents in The Netherlands to learn more about Belize. This E-course platform is one of the most professional ones in The Netherlands.

Canadian Road Show Toronto & Calgary

*Hosted by BTB. Industry Partners Invited to Participate. Canadian Road Show Toronto & Calgary: Toronto & Calgary remain major hubs from Canada to Belize. The event has shown to provide private sector with high ROI. It has consistently brought on free press interviews to all participants. It also ties into the week of the Canadian Consumer Expo.

Air Canada Sales Presentation

Air Canada Sales Presentation: The objective is to build more awareness of the direct flights to Belize from Canada.

Canadian Consumer Expo

As more and more Canadians seek retirement abroad, they are looking south to warm climates, safe and secure living environments, stable governments and available top-quality healthcare. This makes Belize an ideal country for Canadians to consider for their offshore retirement paradise.

Verre Reizen Beurs

*BTB Participating. The Verre Reizen Event is consumer travel show where tourist boards, travel agencies, tour operators and airlines are active.

FCCA Cruise Trade Show

FCCA Cruise Trade Show remains an important show for Belize’ cruise industry. These shows also facilitate our private sector partners in creating beneficial business deals.

Remote Latin America

*BTB Participating. Remote Latin America is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind 4-day tourism event that features business roundtables, talks and debates, social events. As a sponsor at the 2017 event Belize was the highlight of the event; the intimate setting was extremely conducive to networking.

International Living Retire Overseas Bootcamp

This expo provides a great platform for destinations to promote Retirement Programs to Retirees.

DEMA Las Vegas

*Industry Partners invited to participate. DEMA is the largest trade-only event in the world for companies doing business in the scuba diving, ocean water sports and adventure/dive travel industries. This annual show attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of dive and travel industry professionals from around the world. We chose DEMA because it gives us a great platform to promote Belize as a great destination for diving. Secondly, the show has been proven effectively to our private sector partners who also attend and exhibit in our booth.

Suppliers day Travel Club|Your Travel

*Industry Partners invited to participate. The Travel Club is one of the largest chain of home-based travel agents in The Netherlands. During this event there will be a speed dating sessions with the agents where Belize will be showcased.

Miami TIA Sales Presentation

*BTB Participating. The Travel Industry Association of Florida (TIA) provides a platform to network with their industry professionals in Florida. Each year Belize sponsors one of their main events in order to promote the destination. The platform puts great emphasis on Belize.

Vakantiebeurs Utrecht

* Industry Partners invited to participate The Vakantiebeurs is the leading tourism fair of the Netherlands. Each year the fair attracts around the 110.000 visitors.

Travel Counsellors Suppliers day

*Industry Partners invited to participate. Travel Counsellors is a Dutch network of home-based Travel Agents. The Suppliers Day Event takes on a format of “speed dating” with over the 120+ Agents in their network.

Adventure Travel Show

*Industry Partners invited to participate. This is a consumer expo dedicated to discovering the world off the beaten track. The show features a host of networking activities to draw visitors.


*Hosted by CTO. Industry Partners Invited to Participate FITUR is a global meeting point for tourism professionals and consumers. In 2018 FITUR had a record breaking number of 10,190 exhibiting companies from 165 countries/regions, 140,120 trade participants and 110,860 people from the general public. The attendance of 7,856 journalists is a turnout that shows the importance of FITUR on the international circuit of tourism industry events. FITUR remains a critical show for Belize where the European market is concerned.

National Capital Area Chapter of PTANA

*BTB Participating. The National Capital Area Chapter of PTANA (Professional Travel Agent of North America) is a membership based organization which hosts seminars, workshops, and FAMS in Washington DC. Since Washington DC is a market with great potential for Belize, the sales Presentation would provide a platform to meet directly the Travel Trade.


*Industry Partners invited to participate. The Duivaker fair is the leading diving fair in the Netherlands. In 2018 the event will be be held in Houten.


*Hosted by the BTB.Industry Partners invited to participate. BELTRAVEX will be the first ever consumer fair organized to promote local tourism among Belizean consumers. The show will bring together our local private sector partners to showcase their products and services to the Belizean public in a centralized location. We recognize that a vast majority of Belizeans still do not know that many of the resorts in the country actually exist, and many book their vacation across the borders/overseas. The event will also encourage private sector partners to offer local rates and will serve as a means of helping our hoteliers achieve more heads in beds during the summer.

ITB Berlin

*Industry Partners invited to participate. ITB Berlin is a trade and consumer show where countries, cities and regions, tour operators, online booking portals and hotels, and many other service providers from over 180 countries present their products and services. ITB remains an important show for Belize.

JGBB Philadelphia

* BTB Participating. JGBB Road Show Series take on a sales calls format which focus primarily on the Major USA territories that show potential growth, as well those that have direct hubs to Belize.

CTO Unite Event

*BTB Participating. More information Coming Soon!

Personal Touch Travel Suppliers

*BTB Participating Personal Touch Travel is a Dutch chain of homebased travel agencies. During their suppliers day an opportunity will be given to network and speed date with the present agents where Belize will be showcased:

SEATRADE Global Trade Show

*BTB Participating. Seatrade Global Trade Show remains an important show for Belize’ cruise industry. These shows also facilitate our private sector partners in creating beneficial business deals.

Tianguis Trade Show Mexico

Tianguis is a widely recognized 3-day appointment-based trade event that takes place in Mexico. The show attracts buyers (tour Operators, travel agents, etc.) from more than 80 countries around the world. Mexico continue to show growth for Belize.

Home-based Travel Agent Forum

This 3-day event gives suppliers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with over 1,000+ independent travel professionals.