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The overnight tourism sector has again reached record-breaking levels underscoring Belize as a premier vacation destination in the region.  The latest statistics show that Belize surpassed the half a million mark, welcoming a total of 503,177 overnight visitors in 2019. This represents more than 100% growth in the sector in the past decade (up from 241,119 in 2010).  Cruise arrivals also surpassed the 1 million mark again for the fourth consecutive year.

2019 Belize Travel & Tourism Mid-Year Performance Report

Travel & Tourism Mid-Year Report 2019

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The increase of almost 14k visitors in 2019 may be attributed to many factors such as increased marketing efforts, including exposure on online media, trip giveaways and advertising in print and digital. Stakeholders have also increased their marketing efforts in areas such as influencer marketing in the digital space.  New emerging markets for Belize include South America, and strategies have been put into action to expand Belize’s reach in that region. Visits to the Belize district increased significantly, with over 110,000 visitors which could be attributed to the increase of business travelers to the district –  a significant increase from 2018’s 69,596 overnight arrivals.

In 2019 total cruise passenger arrivals again surpassed 1 million visitors, a trend set for the past four years. During the first half of 2019 cruise passenger arrivals totalled an approximate 700,000 visitors with 147,926 visitors in February alone – the highest ever for a month. This was reflective of a 10.8% increase over the same period for 2018.

Places of high interest on visitors’ radar include San Ignacio/Cayo, Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye, with the highest being visits to the beach destination of Ambergris Caye.

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